What is healthy communication and Why is it important?

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Hours of non-stop talking, expressing unpleasant sentiments, solving needs, passing on stories from generation to generation, and sometimes just feeling comfortable... Humans are social beings who naturally interact with other people and nature. Tools of verbal and nonverbal communication are vital in our relationships with ourselves and others. Thus, healthy communication is one of the most basic human requirements.

Is it feasible to maintain healthy communication skills, especially during pandemics, when socialisation is difficult? What is healthy communication and why is it difficult to sustain it with some people or situations? How much of the communication breakdown is our fault, and how much is the other party's? How can you strike a balance between overcommunicating and not communicating at all? Why do we have more communication issues in romantic partnerships than other relationships?


In today's subject, we will examine the mechanisms of healthy communication, the 'communication obstructions' that produce blockages in healthy communication channels, why communication is crucial in love relationships, and how it differs.

But first, let's define healthy communication, why it's vital, and why it's difficult for some and causes worry for others.

All psychology schools investigating the nature of man from the past to present agree that man is a social being, his personality is shrouded in social interest.

truth. Meeting this essential need is why meaningful, quality, and sincere social contacts boost our subjective well-being, happiness, safety, and life satisfaction.

During the day, practically all of our actions are shaped by this urge. Humans use several verbal and nonverbal behaviours to communicate with the outside world, such as smiling, waving, staring at someone's face, and leaning forward to listen. comms tools Isn't it difficult to look someone in the eye? Does every word we say actually matter to the other person? Is hugging or touching everyone to meet the attachment demand healthy communication? To grasp the importance of communication, improve communication skills, and identify communication barriers, we must first define healthy communication.

When we think of communication, we think of two individuals talking to each other, and we are not wrong. All communication models assume that communication occurs between a transmitter and a receiver, with the sender encoding (typically spoken/written language and body language) and the receiver decoding. The receiver's response to our message, as well as possible obstacles and distractions, are all regarded part of the communication.

Encoding the message, the initial phase in communication, means that the message sender converts his thoughts into words. The receiver then interprets all verbal and nonverbal messages sent by the sender, and the cycle repeats.


The communication method, which in principle fits in two phrases and is easy to grasp, can become complex when applied to human beings. The communication conveyed personal values, judgments, stereotypes, and the recipient's worldview. A communication from another person cannot be interpreted without prejudice due to the intimate relationship.

Thus, how we interpret signals is not the same as objective reality. We all have unique filters and perception styles that shape the way we experience the world. The sender's message is almost as subjective as the receiver's judgement, which adds to the complexity of communication. "We speak not merely to tell others what we think, but also to tell ourselves," observed Oliver Sacks. In other words, speaking and communicating are both part of our sophisticated thought process.

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