Are You A Confident Person?

3년 전

Behaviors of a confident person:

  • They don't show off.
  • They can say no without any explanation.
  • Reacts same for a compliment and criticism.
  • Least bothered about what others think.
  • Emotionally balanced.
  • They are not afraid to take any challenge.
  • Thinks about solution rather than the problem.
  • Ready to take calculated risks.
  • They don't fight for rights, they know how to get them.
  • Usually they are not tensed, because they know how to get the things done.
  • They feel less insecurity.
  • They don't compare with others.
  • They know there is a solution for every problem.
  • They stand straight.
  • Smile when look at to new people.
  • They can deal any situation.
  • They treat Janitors and rich same way…

Finally they know life is brief, don't waste time on things which are not worthwhile.

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I would like to say I do them all but this list has given me some things to work on more. Thank you @ahmadraza