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GREAT BREAKTHROUGH AGE If you are still in your 20s but haven't made a big break, don't worry. In general, it's not time yet. But if your 30s are up and haven't made a big break, worry. Because your time is almost up. Based on a 2014 US National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER) study, the average person made a major breakthrough in his 30s. The peak of the curve is in the late 30s. The main reason is the time needed to get an education and master the field. Why does it occur in the late 30s? Education. The average person spends ages 5-18 years in school, and 18-30 in college to get a degree from bachelor to doctoral degree. After that they only really focus on the world of work where they can make a breakthrough. Meanwhile, as we get older, there is a tendency for a person's ability to breakthrough to decrease. Apart from having less time to study, their expertise is also increasingly irrelevant. Many people say, 40s is someone's golden age. But this golden age can only be achieved if we make a major breakthrough in our 30s. Then be brave. Life that is not at stake is a life that has never been won.

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your post is good ... because most of it is so true ...

in accordance with reality ... good, saka likes your posts


Yes thank you..@aceh