Borrowed Life

2개월 전


Your birth
Then a peaceful childhood
An education career
A break between is your first Kiss
A tense romance, then love sparkles..
Perhaps, a couple of breakups before the engulfing of the middle finger

What Next?

Children production?
Maybe a pursuit of one's career,
Rose to the pinnacle of it,
Then retirement
A resonance of being called a grandma or grandpa.
The world defines this as a SUCCESSFUL LIFE
But do You?

Now it all settles in,
Your time is almost up
A Thousand memories now flying, lumps of regrets set in,
Some decisions You took as a youth, You ain't proud of it anylonger.
Your kids, wife,friends, colleagues and country, To these folks, You were their best(WORLD BEST) but where you God's best?

Death draws nearer
You're almost there...
About to meet the person who gave You life with a mission,
"was I a faithful stewa..... "
You can't even complete the question,
Because the answer is obvious, You were busy achieving self purpose.
Striving for the corruptible accolades,
Your preference was men exaltation not God commendation

With a borrowed life, it was all about You and never about the interest of the owner.


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