Giving Freely Without Permissions or Stigma


There has to be a better way to help people using Charity work.

The issue with researching your own nonprofit is that many who talk about 501c3 seem to get all squinty eyed in the videos as if to say "Yah ya gonna kinda have to need it". I just need straight forward answers. Do I need government permission to solicit money from my friends to help people in need or don't I? I think it's a simple question.

So follow me on this thread. There are *apparently underlying psychological stigmas associated with non-profit. Judging by the soon to be 100s of videos I'm about to over indulge in. If you're like me you and you like something; you research it at fanaticism that your genuinely interested in.

Back to my point: "Non-Profit How To" How?

I'm trying to find out how to avoid trials of how to non-profit without a government permission is what I'm after here. And I keep running into the same somewhat shady approach. I'm transitioning in my life to generally wanting to help people and I mean care-bags hot meals general nothing overly extravagant. Just brass help the needy. As much as I can afford to do so because that is ultimately what I like. They are not inherently trying to come off as thee wink wink situation but you can tell the two biggest stigmas are affecting the way people are delivering the information. They hesitantly speak on anything outside of 501c3 and Non-conventional forms for support. Maybe one day I can shoot for the stars with helping people but first I have to navigate the somewhat off kilt introduction top this area.

For example conventional would be to apply for a grant and etc college or local chapter of something. Non conventional for example would be self researching places or building a community situation which is my goal. Without the assistance of major corporations, but once again I can't find any information on it because of the code speak associated with the non-governmental route to helping people because you want to and not because you want to start a business.

Starting a damn business? I don't think so. Or at the very Least I don't want to.

That is the first thing I learned when I started researching. I think it only becomes a business when you go through them, and not starting it organically yourself. I'm picturing something from Thomas Kinkaid without the harsh-lines and bit duller in color. Walking with a basket full of very useful items like: pink-salt a, finely ground activated charcoal and ounces of liquid trace minerals all wrapped as mini-picnic basket decor. Just enough for a small pouch to carry.

Stopping ever so often to make sure I'm giving to the right people. As to make a difference and all. Parting ways after a good assessment of worth is applied. Double checking to make sure if "I can do something for you ?" Is met with no thank you you've done enough. THATS ALL I WANT!!! I'm not yelling at you and I'm not angry I'm just exclaiming.


Anyway; I'm not anti establishment at all But- I'd love to have some encouraging words to let me know I can do this without government, interventions, assistance or permission; I'm full crypto now and literally cant afford my soul to go back to the system. Either way I'm not going to let anything stop me from making my dream of Travel Caring. Next week I'll be helping 5 random strangers and the best way I figure to spread the word is too the community who uses crypto the best so far I have a couple other accounts but this is about my charity journey.

You all seemed like just the right people to open up to about this. From a person who left the system and went full peer-to-peer.

I put up a post on twitter asking people what I should give as my first attempt at giving. Please be kind and vote too.

Next month when I pay myself I'm going to help 5 strangers in need no-matter what it takes! Which one of these things should I do? Please vote so I can start planning logistics 😇 I'll post receipts and updates as I go along.

— NoSlogans (@ClearVues) September 28, 2019 I tried really hard to imbed the tweet here but; I can't and I'm still learning how to post to make it pleasing for the eye on steemit.

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