Scorpio REKT Not REKT September

4개월 전

Even though you got rekt last month the end of this month will be better. But, if you chose to right this crypto-ship it will happen all over again. Coming out of August there isn't too much that can't be balanced out therefore a loss won't feel like it. I already had a feeling of a huge wreckage last month and; turns out it was you. If you see a glimmer of hope in regards to this last situation just know that; it's not a recover. Again trying to make this right is going backwards and you'll end up repeating a glaringly similar loss. I know you are in the middle of trying to "fix it" please stop. This reverse methodology as capable as you are seems to be an inner issue that can be considered pattern specific and needs to be broken. I went ahead and pulled another card and we have the 4 of clubs! There's you ground. Seems that's what you want your grounding back. This month it's yours to grasp for a recovery. Admitting to yourself you may have added weight to what was actually a half cocked trigger.


What required to move forward is the clear thinking Queen of swords. There something to be said about an intelligible Scorpio. Observant and viperish the way they verbally deliver solutions. this need to be done for yourself this time. These half thought through admiration in .... I'm picking up finance and business. Taurus being your opposite rocking with tides is not something eternally your here for. But smoother waters is dependent on you moving towards the future of you endeavors as opposed to the past.


Adjustment are required. 3rd Quarter Moon Change is necessary based on this reading I gather you know this. This is a pivotal point to get a grip on for you. Workout with yourself physically and mentally to help you change this thing. I went and looked for some visuals. Usually adjustment means to fix or adapt not to completely undo and redo. Just some adjustments.

You're overwhelmed with thoughts and I can understand that, all these perfect scenarios and situations surrounding you. Pregnant with potential make it real. From the throne start handing down exacting actions to actual rubber to road instances. Moving on this month forward movement is on your side. You can certainly make things real especially things that have been going around in your mind. but reality can't compete with your mind this month. Don't leave things in the mental this month. Make "it" make it real.

I pulled one more Card form the Goddess Deck. And Lilith was pulled. On the card it says. I am the voice of my body and soul. I choose the life that desire to live.

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