Garden of Eve



Did you know I'm a plant hoarder? A crazy plant lady?

I think my plants are not often on show in my images, which is surprising because my apartment is filled with them. With a fast count, I'd say I have about 25 plants. I just moved a few of the plants inside from the balcony because the temperatures are starting to go below zero during the night and I don't think a citrus tree and ficus would like that very much. Let's see how they fair with the sudden change of climate. I'm keeping most of my plants near the window so they can get as much light as possible, and so this one side of my apartment is framed with plants and not much else fits in there, which is fine 'cause plants are pretty.

I'm not actually very good at taking care of plants, and Finland has harsh conditions, but I try my best and some plants I've had for years and years, so I guess I do alright. I'm most in love with the two Devil's Ivys that I have hanging on top of the window and the wines are growing now in the ceiling and walls too.

Let me know if you want a full on plant post where I show all of them and ramble endlessly about all the plants I have and where they came from and all that. Now I just wanted to snap a fast picture of the ones that fit in one shot framing the window, and me.


Ps. Don't bring me flowers for a date, bring me tropical plants.

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The Wife is not a fan of cut flowers either. Something morbid about "Here's something beautiful that's already started dying..."

Love how the interior in your shot looks black and white with color outside the window.

Sorry to hear you're getting freezing weather already. How do the plants do over the winter when there is so little sunlight? Do you have a grow light for them?


It is a bit morbid but when ever I do get roses, I like to dry them and save for a long time, so it’s not too bad. Green plants just last nicer longer.

I don’t have grow light and usually the plants do alright, they just go into survival mode and don’t really grow much. I try to keep the apartment warm and somewhat humid and give them all the light I can and hope for the best.

And hey, nice to see you, you’ve been inactive for a while. How are you?


Nice to see you too! I've been fine - just so busy with work, commute, and house projects that there's no energy left for creative work. Maybe (hopefully) this winter...


Glad to hear it's not just my wife. Don't give her dead flowers, give her any number of flowering shrubs or even a potted tree!

I want a full on plant post please

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I posted a blog inspired by your post right now. Gave you a shout out darling friend. <3
That black and white image of you with your collection.... swooooon!


Aww that’s really cute, I love seeing people share plant stuff!

I totally understand you. All my windows are full of the pot with plants most of them are succulents but I have few others.
Plants but so much positive energy to your home. And it's so satisfied when you grow your own avocado from the seed.
Good work with your greens.


I couldn’t live without plants! Or none of us could, obviously, but I need them in my home too. And I guess they purify the air too so that’s good. I should get some succulents, I haven’t had any for a few years and they are very cute. I had an avocado but some bug killed it :(


Avocado isn't easy to keep at home. It's my 3 now and I hope that this one will last for a year or to two, not a few months:)
I discover air plant this spring and for now they look pretty good. Maybe you should try :)

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I have grown one avocado very successfully and then gave it to my mom, it's now taller than me and the leaves are huge! I tried the air plants but I forgot to water them so they died😅 but they are really cute!

I thought that you should always bring Eve an apple on the first date.

For the life of me, I can't get anything to grow indoors. But with Florida weather I've been able to keep alive even the most "annual" of plants outdoors.


I would imagine it to be super easy to grow anything in Florida, sunshine for everyone!!


Haha yes, sunshine, heat, and humidity. We do our sauna by stepping out the front door!

Kyllä. Puskapostauksia.

Sori. Olen lapsellisten sanaleikkien ja kaksimielisten lausahdusten ystävä, niin oli pakko. Mutta joo. Kyllä rehupostauksille. Ehdottomasti! :)


Jos nimeän sen postauksen Lady Garden, mitä luulet kuinka paljon aiheuttaisi hämmennystä kun postaus sisältäisikin kuvia vain viherkasveista 😝


Sun vakilukijat ei ehkä välttämättä yllättyisi, tosin varmaan osa pettyis. :)
Do it!