The Alkebu-lan



If only I had wall
I would've drawn on them

I'm a writer without a book
I tears for where to drop an ink
I wonder around
Like a lost sheep

Our heart is broken
Our mind stolen
We are empty
Empty to feel ourselves

If only we had wall
If only we had bricks
I would've written our name on them
We would've draw our faces on them

Out of our will we were born
Out of our will, we wore chains of subjugation
Our heads bowed before their knees
Their toes we saw as throne

If only we had mouth
We would've spoken
If only earth has hands
It would've fought for our tears,

Our land was invaded
And there call it research
We aren't missing yet
They said they found us

We had no heart
It would've been expressed
We had no one
They would've heard us,
We had no voice
We would've screamed

We was covered with just a sky
While they walk with heavens
We are too dark to be angels
And they called us dark land,

If only we had wall,
If only we had mouth
Our voice would've written loud
Our cry would've been handwriting,

Our tears like an over cried baby
We was Neglected,
The universe hid its face from our fathers
Our milky mucus irritated the heavens

And the rivers of help dried
The sounds of our thirsty throat crack our mud houses
As we frequently test the colours of our tears in sober

As we rain the ground with sorrowful tears
They wipe out nutrients of blood from our bodies
Out of our hard labor they grew up as world leaders
Yet they called us good for nothing lazy Africans

If only we had walls
We would've drew our mark
Our cut
The Bruised backbone on them

If only we had walls
We would've drew their chains on us
We would've drew our hanging dead
Their Alligator bait,
Our crying babies

If only we had gate
They would've bow to our watch men
If only we knew each other
We would've stood together,

If only we knew who we are
We would've written a story
Mother of mankind to them
If only we had wall
It would've be painted with a name

The Alkebu-lan
The Garden of Eden,

Because we live to raise a baby
Because we live to build ourselves
We were called Animal
For how nature paint us
We were seen as strange creatures to mother earth

If only
I exist before I was born
If only I was here before time
I would've found a blank page
To draw the face of our Africa man,

Aphrike land off horror

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