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Will the incentive of making a profit from posting on this platform turn the majority of the community into a plastic, heartless, insincere, culture??.jpg

There is an episode on Black Mirror that touches on this. A whole society so wrapped up in their "reputation" on the social network that no-one was real about anything anymore. Just a bunch of fake ass smiles and politically correct commentary. .
black mirror.jpg

I sincerely hope not. I must admit, I have already gone out of my way to voice my difference in opinion on peoples posts concerning "the best way to get the most upvotes" I mean, I understand the desire to prosper, I just don't agree with only posting things that are deemed to be the most popular. It seems to me that one should be sincere with their content and see where the chips fall. That is how I live, and thats how I will behave here as well.

I am searching for a community within this platform that supports and encourages differences of opinion. I believe a strong community must challenge itself in this way in order to further the evolution of each member consequently enhancing the entire unit. One thing that I have been repulsed by in other social media platforms is how ready people are to turn to personal attack over a difference of opinion. As if their expression of their idea and or opinion is the sum of their entire self worth. I am happy to consider any difference in thought or opinion than mine. I seek those that can do so without having the need to attack me personally altogether. Debate is a wonderful thing when punches below the belt are restrained. I find that I learn quite a bit from healthy debate. I constantly seek to see outside of my own personal bubble and I cannot do so alone in my own head. I need the input of others. I value the intellect, the emotion, the experience, the imagination of others. I see these things as the real currency of life and I am a seeker of it! I truely hope that I can find that here!!!!

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