A new study shows that people with bad memory are smarter!

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It seems that a some scientist was tired of wife angry about he having forgotten to congratulate her for the third year in a row.


These are happy news for all those who often go to the kitchen, but don't remember why he go there. Professor Blake Richard, head of the Toronto University Research Group have a answer.

It turns out to forget something that seems important to others, not at all a bad thing. The researchers found that too much memory does not come to anyone's benefit. "It is very important that the brain forgets the unimportant details and information, and allow focusing on the important things and information that allows future decisions," the professor revealed.

«We know that memory improves when it is trained, but in this way we only occupy such a precious place with unimportant information. Basically, the brain is designed to store only important information, but over the years people have been able to put it over with everything that is superfluous, but not important. ”

To make it easier to understand what the professor is saying, imagine that you go to the kitchen to make a meal for yourself and you have a mobile phone placed on the refrigerator.
You take sausage, bread and butter or margarine. Put on your bread and head back to the room to convict in peace and silence, but the phone stays on the fridge. Why?

The explanation for this is quite simple: Your brain is guided by the task of making a meal. Sausage - important, bread - important, butter or margarine - important, but phone - not important in this process. Your brain turned off all unnecessary things for meal preparation.

Of course, you should not exclude the possibility that something is really wrong if you regularly forget something important. Then you have to go to the doctors for testing.

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Picture source: pexels.com

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ohh that's right. That's why i am smarter.


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