(ENG) Only we ourselves can build our lives.

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Hi everyone and today I want to tell you about our life decisions and how we are responsible for our own life decisions and how our lives will develop.

Unfortunately I have to say right away when I have met a lot and know a lot of people. Who think they have failed in life and even complain about how bad things are. But is that really the case? If destiny really determine our lives and choose who will get easier life or ho gets more difficult life? Or is it still up to us? And so today I want to share my thoughts and my life story on the subject.

Yes Of course destiny will put many obstacles in our lives and we will come to a crossroads where we can only choose one direction, these are our life decisions we make in every difficult situation.

Many believe they have made a lot of bad decisions during their lives and as a result all their lives are ruined. But maybe not?
I could say I have made many bad decisions during my life, but by experience I did not think there were any bad decisions. In this momment you think why that? That's because after every bad decision I've made, I see it as a small mistake that I remember in the next difficult life situation and learn from my mistakes to do not make them again.

For example: Certainly many people have come to believe in the wrong person and they have deceived, betrayed you, or other variations. But was it a bad decision to trust him? I think not, because next time before you meet new friends you will learn from the mistake and understand who is a real friend and who is not. I dont know maybe I wrong but that is my thoughts.

Just as before you say that everything in your life is bad look back at the decisions you make, turn them into mistakes and the next time you have to make a decision don't do them again and life will start to improve, a little bit but it will still improve.

I could talk about this for a long time, but these were my thoughts, thank you for reading and have a nice day.

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