Day 6/30 Apple Cider Vinegar Challenge (vlog)


Hello, friends!

Day 6 of the apple cider vinegar challenge...
My husband's pet name for me on messy hair days...
And I have a strange question for you...

Do my cheekbones look more pronounced?

As I prepped for bed last night, I looked in the mirror after I washed my face and it seemed that I could really see my cheekbones; like there was definition in my face -- but that's weird to notice that myself, right? It could be wishful thinking.


Day 6

I got something in the mail yesterday and I was so excited! If you follow any of my other social media then you already know what it is.

. . .

Believe it or not, I won it on a Twitter giveaway. Considering that Bittrex has over 775K followers and a lot of people participated, I didn't think I'd have a snowball chance in hell of winning.

You'll have to watch the video to find out what I've won!

I've got a couple work things to do and then it's off to do real-world chores like grocery shopping and laundry. ugh

What are your weekend plans?

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