Day 9/30 Apple Cider Vinegar Challenge (vlog)

29일 전

Hello, Friends!

It's another Tuesday and my day started off pretty normal except that it's frikken COLD!

I live in Florida for goodness sake! Why am I in a sweatshirt and socks?!

I know. I know. First world, Florida problems. 🌴

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Day 9

. . .

My day has gone back to normal with the exception of the cold weather. I really didn't want to get out of bed today. Once hubby left for work, one dog helped herself to the warm spot and I had another one at the foot of the bed keeping my feet warm.

Seems my internal clock let me sleep in until about 8 this morning. That was nice.

I can't wait until I'm half way through this challenge so I can do a proper countdown. The positive is that I don't feel like it's a burden or a task. It's starting to turn into muscle memory to just create the drink, check in with the morning stuff, and then get to work.

Speaking of work... I need to get to it.
See you tomorrow!

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