Day 1 "digital de-clutter"

2년 전

Day 1 is already a challenge. I modified 3 parts of my digital life: my video game obsession, my online addiction, and my hideous phone “scroll” habit. I modified my office with a PC swap. The gaming PC I used came with fast performance and easy access to digital distraction was replaced with a minimalist mini PC. The replacement limits my internet use because of the frustrating slow performance. If I need to go online, it better be important. The mini PC is not able to run games that interest me either. It can probably run solitaire at best. The PC replacement eliminated two digital clutters.

The final has been the easiest to deal with thus far. I went ahead and deleted Instagram from my smart phone. I’m not on any other form of social media, so it was a simple fix. I felt that it needed to go because sometimes I would catch myself scrolling through memes. The shots of dopamine and craft beer pics had to go.

I am curious if I will stick with this challenge. I can live without the things I chose to modify. I am also curious of the outcome itself. Will this have a positive effect on me? My reason and intuition point in favor of a desirable outcome. I feel better doing things that matter and only good in the moment with the clutter. Day 1 has been a day of reflection and patience.Simonche.png

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