Brightness back to the skin before Eid

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There is no stain or acne in the skin on the left. Regular drinking water, mouth wash and skin-friendly creams are all used. Even though the clean face gives you love from all sides, it keeps going in a little bit of insatiability. And the color of the skin is at the root of the dissatisfaction. Do not want to go out of your mouth in a blanket or black cover. Any festive or festive occasion to show the desired look may be blackened. So before the Eid, you can choose to return brightness to the skin.

Yogurt pack

Take 3 table spoons in a bowl and beat them very well. Apply the skin to the face, neck and neck properly. If you want, you can put your feet on the legs. Wash the skin with warm water for 5 minutes and wash it well. Using this method 3 days a week will give you great results. Use of yogurt as well as prevention of aging of the skin as well as the brightness of the skin. Lactic acid is on top, which is a very good bleaching material. Due to the use of curd, skin bleaches, which increase the skin's brightness without any kind of chemicals. Skin use is much more effective.

Orange lemon

The orange lemon acts as a good bleaching agent. Orange leaf lemon Vitamin C also helps to increase the brightness of the skin. Just open the orange koa and just take the orange flute. Mix 1 pinch of raw turmeric with 2 tablespoons orange flask. Wash the mixture thoroughly after the mixture and after washing it the next morning. By using only 1 day a week, bright skin color will surprise you.

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