Garden beside the bed

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We are all familiar with the word Aquarium. The glass of the glass is the color of the fish, which is called aquarium. But the word terarium is very new to many. This word comes from the word Vivarium. Vivarium is a Latin word meaning 'place of life' or place for life.

Half-way-3 (Bhadanganthaburift) beside the bed garden gardens 3 The industry that enhances the beauty of the house by planting trees or clay in a low-level glass vessel or bottle is called Terarium. In most cases it is made in glass bottles because many people call it a 'bottle garden' or bottle gardens.

Batthatthatrons-2 {Bharampantasaburuthaf} garden beside the bed. For two bottles of garden, you must first collect the glass whistle, zara or glass aquarium. If you want to make terarium theorem in the electric bulbs of the glass. First make a layer of one and a half inch in the glass container with a half-inch size rocket. Create another layer of activated charcoal on this level. Activate charcoal you will find in any Aquarium store. Then, depending on what kind of trees it will be, make two to three inches thick ground level.

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In the bottle gardens, you can keep the succulent national (juicy or creampie) trees. Circular tree is the kind of tree that keeps the tree branches, leaves or water in the root. However, be aware of excessive moisture in this regard. Apart from this, different types of ferns, mas, aluminum plants can also be planted or mixed in all types. In such a case, Chinese basmati, fern or artillery, fern, chrotine, saddam etc. can be kept on a main tree, which will increase its beauty greatly. If you are a little experienced then you can have orchids in terarium. But keep in mind, the trees are kept in the shape of terarium.

Teararium will need to be sprayed according to the requirement. Due to excessive moisture, the upper lid should be opened on the water by the water vapor. Pesticides and fungicides should be used to protect trees from different insect infections.

When creating terarium, the beauty of the house will not increase 100%. You can also use snail or different colorful stones in terarium to enhance or enhance the beauty.

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