Talk to me in the eyes

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We all say more, listening to less But rather than listening to it, the ability to solve the problem of unparalleled power can be acquired. Good listeners can easily create friendship with others, become patient and preferable people.Let's talk with eyes: The main focus of attention is the eye. Around the eyes, almost everything can be estimated. If you listen carefully to the listener, it can be understood by seeing your eyes. So listen to the speaker's eyes.

Let's end the conversation: When the speaker speaks, stop suddenly in between and do not say anything. Let's end his statement before speaking.

Convenience of the speaker: It is not okay to talk extra about expressing interest in the subject. It is the duty of the audience to ensure the ease of the speaker.

Face-to-face: When listening, the speaker should sit in such a way that the speaker's face should be properly seen. And the speaker also saw the appearance of the audience.

Windy Day: Express excitement by uttering small relevant words at times during the conversation. It's like giving a breeze on the sidewalk. For example 'so what?', 'What is said!' The speaker can understand the audience's attention.

Good remembrance: A good listener is also well remembered. Forget what the speaker was trying to talk about in the meantime. Then the audience has to remind. Besides, after discussions, what has been discussed about the reasons for the various reasons, it needs to be repeated.

When it does not look good: if it is that you do not like to hear the speaker; There are no ways to hear it. It should also prove that you are not listening attentively, so sit in the first place so that your face does not have direct light. The work will be done in the eyes of his eyes and sometimes be uninhabited.

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