The hiding of women with the mate

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The life of women or the mystery is synonymous. There are many things that they would always want to hide in case of engaging with someone. However, when two people get married together, many truths have to be exposed. Yet they are desperate to hide some things from their companions. In the social media 'Ask Women' a question was asked about women. That's what you want to hide from the boyfriend? Although many things come up, a little bit of information is perfectly matched by all women. Take a look at what women are desperate to hide from their companions.

1. Intimate time wishes: It's a great time to spend some time with a boyfriend or a husband. Women want to keep the mysteries of how they want to enjoy the time. But the desire of boys is as clear as it is, women also have their own favorite needs. But women keep it under.

2. Talk to women in chat: This is a matter of many men who want to know. But this mystery has never been revealed. Sometimes women do not want to tell their partner what their words are saying. Girls may raise their wishes or other things to the girls, but not to the partner. The girls avoid talking about what they talk about themselves, from men.

3. Make-up kites: Even after turning around with the maiden, she may see that she gets dressed in the ladies' waiting or wash room once and got out of fresh and bright emotions. All this is the magic of his makeup kit. And never let you know where he keeps this box. Again, you will want to hide completely from your anti-aging cream or any special decoration of your beauty.

4. Feelings on the former: If he has any relationship with anyone before, then he will never take his word. And now it is impossible to know what the idea is about him now. All the time, from the present boyfriend, all the girls have hidden their feelings about the former boyfriend carefully. They do not want to expose the deepest thoughts and thoughts of women in front of their husbands. But they do not say anything, they say so. But the word 'tou' is not outside of it.

5. Feelings to the Companions: The girls are always very discouraged by their husbands or mates and their mother. In fact, they threw a kind of challenge to the boy. In the family of the family, express their position and mentality. They do not express the real meaning of the mind in the house of the father-in-law.

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