Live evidence of evolution that can be seen in this part of human body

3년 전

Have you ever heard about the muscle in our arms called Palmaris longus? It is the remarkable evidence found ever to illustrate the effect of evolution in the human body.76c4654c501b0f517b75dceb46010df8.pngThere is a simple law about the organs as per evolution that the part of body which is not being actively utilizing in any activity since so long, will surely going to be vestigial over the period of time just like a tail in human. Palmaris longus was once a very useful muscle in our ancestors like an Apes. Apes still own this. The Palmaris longus muscle is one of the several muscles that act at the wrist joint. It is a long muscle that runs to the palm and activate flexibility at the wrist. It helps individuals to grip tightly through the reinforcement of wrist.da93032acc431c10e0281c71cd197d43.pngGenerally the jumping pattern of locomotion needs more proper and strong holding rather than normal holding because the individual has to grip branches tightly or else little mistake can lead to the death. As to get rid of this, Apes developed Palmaris longus to adapt the nature. When gradual process of evolution occurs in Apes, it turns in no needed body part since the progeny of apes, modern human can have better access by artificial equipment. Pattern of locomotion changed from jumping to the straight walking. So Palmaris longus became vestigial in some human. It is gradually disappearing from the human races, 4.7 % of Latin Americans and Caucasian do not have this tendon. While 25 % of Asian including Indian, mandarin, Indonesian already lost their Palmaris longus.c67c50e26ea385ee73de94e872047a21.pngIn a modern days, Palmaris is utilizing in the surgery of ligament damage and tendon repairs. The Palmaris longus muscle is the most popular for use in tendon grafts for the wrist due to the length and diameter. It can be used without producing any functional deformities.

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Great article..... I am indonesian and I have it.... it's strange......

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Cool article! I never heard something like that before! Thanks for the information ;)