My very first lightning payment with Amazon through Lightning tips

2년 전

I'm sure most of you have probably heard of the first mobile refill with the lightning network well it would seem that you can also purchase items on Amazon through the same service Bitrefill.

Pretty cool stuff right? I managed to send the payment quicker that it took me to actually purchase something, in fact the money's still sitting on amazon as it's not enough to really buy anything.

The slowest part of the whole process was me and that's exactly the way it should be, it took less than 5 minutes and that was on a first try! The fees where insanely low 10sat if that and the micro payment was in my account with an email notification before I had time to think.

I'm currently testing out a lightning tip wallet service and when I say it's as fast as the name suggest well you be the judge!

Why would you want to play with fire when you can test out lighting?

If you like what you see send me a tip 🥂

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5< min is not fast enough for micro transactions! I have tried Digibyte and was pretty impressed =)


Can you buy an Amazon gift card in less than 5 mins using Digibyte?

LN is instant the human element is the slow bit or did you just come here to promote your coin and not read my post?