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Education is the first cradle to bring us to broaden our perspective of knowledge. To get into a job requires education so I think education is the key to the future of every person in the whole society in general and in themselves.

The greater the development, the higher the educational level. Today I would like to introduce to everyone about Liker World - Education Platform on Blockchain.

What is Liker?

LIKER WORLD could be a block-chain-based instructional content platform. this is often amid a donation policy associated with instructional comes. Innovation in future education through technology is oriented towards a much better society and humanity. supported the thought that everyone company activities ought to pursue social values, LIKER has 3 major aspects (you can see image below)



Within the LIKER network, trust is in agreement on info through LIKER’s self-assemble rule. This permits the LIKER coaching platform to supply confidence within the learning activities and results of the coaching client, confidence within the content consumption info, and confidence within the certificate info provided by the platform.


LIKER’s token rewards area unit created through voluntary contributions and coaching of participants. The LIKER Foundation donates Foundation funds to produce instructional opportunities for college kids.


Educators can even gift content. Students can once more generate tokens and rewards by intense given tokens and content. This leads the professional person to reward the token, that successively forms a virtuous cycle structure resulting in the assembly and donation of quality academic contents.


LIKER could be a BLOCKCHAIN primarily based education platform. Through the trust-based authentication system, platform educators move with one another to form an academic scheme. Their education-related transactions and activities area unit salaried in keeping with the behavior modification, that successively ends up in academic donations. This creates a virtuous cycle structure that brings a lot of academic advantages to blind spots. this can be a mission for all folks, a challenge for us, and a begin for academic reform. The blockchain goes to create several makes an attempt in keeping with the event stage of the technology among several issues. initial of all, we wish to achieve academic users through honest and clear authentication and compensation through the blockchain.




LIKER WORLD is that the fundamentals of LIKER WORLD ecology that the educational method of the learner, that is, the educational synchronization method which supplies the economic rewards to the effort itself. we have a tendency to more promote their academic activities to steer society and humanity to share education and to maneuver on the far side the barriers to a lot of democratic and evenhanded academic society for all. EDU CREATOR also can give a vicinity of the Token nonheritable through the students' entry and user data input through the education platform. LIKER is aiming at p2p education for the age of career diversification referred to as SALADENT (salaryman + student) by a hundred years recent life cycle learning through academic activities supported blockchain. And moreover, all of those activities can support educational resources for college students in education blind alienated from education. LIKERWORLD 's mission is to strengthen academic motivation through blockchain - based mostly compensation systems, to bridge the gap between wealthy and poor and to make an academic future.


Get Rewarded as you study!

We designed tokens compensation as a nudge for motivation and learning habits. However, the essence of the reward LIKER pursues is self-growth through education and coaching of intellectuals to contribute to society. Ultimately, through the innovative mechanism of LIKER, "I am going to be paid if I study." I would like to unfold my religion to the globe and apply it.

Get Rewarded
  • As you study
  • Access to education is usually restricted by such factors as class or wealth that area unit on the far side our personal alternative or management.
  • The right to education ought to be up to anyone.
  • But what if an individual is willing to find out notwithstanding wherever they're and after they wish.
  • All participants in LIKER platform can get rewarded in blockchain economy.
Token sale

Hard Cap: 50,000 ETH
Soft Cap: 5,000 ETH
Pre-sale Start: Nov 20, 2018 (9:00AM GMT)
Pre-sale End Dec 19, 2018 (9:00AM GMT)
Main-sale Start Dec 20, 2018 (9:00AM GMT)
Benefit: Pre-sale: 20% / Main-sale: 10%
Tokens exchange rate: 1 ETH = 7,000 LK
Minimal transaction amount: 0.015 ETH

Token Economy, the economic system of Liker World, consists of two varieties of cryptography: Liker Coin and Liker Gas (eLK gas). Liker Coin may be a main-net Coin that trades through the present science exchange and is that the key to assembling the worth of Liker World. Liker Gas is charged with Liker Coin from Liker petrol station. Liker Gas maintains a hard and fast worth and acts as a gas to work the Liker Education Platform.

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