Linux recording experiments

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Looks complicated :)

By the way, the Soundcloud track is missing or ...?


It's as complicated as you want to make it, but getting set up initially can be confusing. That's part of why I'm doing these posts. It's great that we have access to all this free software. You can do real professional work with it.

The 'song' plays for me. I set it to be unlisted on my Soundcloud feed. I'm running out of space on there. Ought to use Dsound more.


Great. You'll push me into trying it for myself and connect keyboard and drum kit that my son is using.

I am not a musician yet I can play with apps :)

Do you need linux or are these programs available on Windows too?

Soundcloud embed as I see it :


You can get Ardour for Windows, but may have to pay something for it. I may set up a subscription again as I get good value from it. It's love to see such projects on Steem so I can reward them with votes.

I can see the Soundcloud player on another PC and my phone. No idea why you cannot. You are not missing much :)


Are you using Steempeak? That seems to have an issue with the html, but it works on Steemit and in Steem.


Yes, Steempeak.

And yes, it works on Steemit.


How would you compare the learning curve on Ardor to a program like Audacity?
I used to use Audacity on Ubuntu, but that computer had a motherboard problem. When I replaced the motherboard, I put windows 10 on it. I still use Audacity, mostly because it's free. Of course, it has limited usefulness, you can't use VSTs with it, at least not that I've found, so I've been think about moving to a better DAW.


I have done some projects with Audacity. I think of it more as an audio editor with recording capabilities. You can use Ardour in similar ways with the potential to do a lot more. There are some good tutorials out there to get you started. The first obstacle is getting your interface working with Jack, but you may find someone with the same hardware who has experience. You can get the free demo version of Ardour to try it out.


As long as it works with a USB audio interface, I should be able to figure out how to use the program. I have a Focusrite audio interface for inputting my audio sources such as the microphone and instruments.


Hope it works for you. You can try a live Linux boot to play with some of the software, but things should work on Windows too. I've just not done much audio stuff in Windows.

Wow, who knew this was all so complex. I have a feeling many of the people that are posting videos to YouTube and stuff like that, don't have anything near as fancy as you do. Next thing you know, you will be cutting an album! This is really awesome.


Well my aim is to produce an album of my songs. We are lucky to have all those technology available. It would have cost a fortune to build an equivalent studio in the past. Most of my gear is budget stuff.

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This is some super geeky stuff man :)

Reminds me of the time I only had an ASUS EE PC with a barebones version of Ubuntu. I spent hours a day hacking it and trying to get things to work on Linux haha. Happy days.


I love playing with this stuff, but it can be frustrating at times. I really just want to make music, but I love the freedom of open source. Steem reminds me a bit of that. I've hardly used Windows at home in over 10 years.

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