Litecoin Blog Update in-progress!

3년 전


I have a quick update on Litecoin, I'm working on putting together the blog post now, but if you head over to my Twitter page you can catch a $LTCBTC, $LTCUSD and $LTCXMR preview before I post it here! And if you want to receive updates quicker please follow me on Twitter! I'll still continue to post in-depth analysis here for free and hopefully as time passes I'll get better at providing great quality content. Thanks for your patience and your support!


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The Large Server Room

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Still working!


I've only been here a few days so am still trying to figure everything out. I checked out some of your work here and at twitter, great work. Thanks for the positive comment.


Thanks for your support I'm about to post my Litecoin analysis now. The $LTCUSD chart threw me for a loop