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Yup! I have written a blog already about what I think about the Litepay Debit Card, if you have not read it yet, click the link below to read more on this:

And here is my new video on more information on this debit card, hope you find this informative:

If you find this video interesting, please leave an upvote and retweet to let more people aware of the new Litepay debit card.

And if you have a Discord, you can join my Steemit Promo Community in this link:

Until next post, take care, God Bless and stay cool! Bai bai! :)

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Definitely looking forward for the launch. This is a great way to increase adoption of Litecoin which would be great. The thought of using Litecoin to pay for everyday purchases is pretty cool and gets me hopeful about not needing to rely on banks anymore.


Same here because that debit card can literally be linked to a Litecoin wallet but it does says that it will convert Litecoin to USD and add to your bank account to then have the transaction for your purchase to go through. Yeah, this is a start for something revolutionary in the crypto market :)

Dude I love love love this video! You are a very talented of V logger and blogger! I'm so glad you turned me onto your blog, I don't know if you would be interested but maybe we should do some collaborations here in the near future. I'm pretty sick still so I'm not really up to doing a video yet but in the next week or two let's talk about getting together on a video maybe even going tandem on our steemit together. We could accomplish great things together man, I really like where you're going! Thanks for producing this content, it means so much to the crypto Community. I cracked up laughing at that Goku power up LOL


A collaboration would be nice man, the question is, what do you think we can do the video about? I know its steemit related but would like more details. Thanks a lot for your support man, did you subscribed to my YouTube channels "DenoxSeries" and "Denox Advice", those are the two channels I normally use to upload content. There are a lot more videos I uploaded you can also enjoy as well. :) Thanks man! We will talk more about it when you feel better... I also been coughing quite a lot the past few days and cough drops does not seem to be enough but I know soon I will get better too. :)