LiteCoin (LTC): This was Just an ABC Bounce

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The blue abc show how Litecoin's (LTC) price was just an oversold bounce. The correction is not complete in that this leaves the red E wave further down. The blue 1,2,3,4,5 represent the subwaves of the white (c) wave and it could range from $89 t0 $77. Meanwhile, the bull flag pattern is still valid because the red ABCDE waves remain valid.

The MACD has room for one more dip but at a higher low while price generates a lower low; and thus the positive divergence still remains. This lower low can wreak havoc on the weak hands and that's the exact intent in generating the process of a corrective bottom.

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hmm... I am going to just hold...

Weak hands!!! Going to ladder the f in....!

Seems like crypto is dead. I will buy only when 1 LTC = .1 cent.

I predicted LTC price below 100$ 24 days ago :)

  ·  2년 전

why still correction whemn we are entering in Q2 ??? isnt this is bull run quater period!!

ways to advance


The best ways to advance is to UNFOLLOW @Haejin & check out @FlagAWhale

Thanks! XVG/BTC - I think we are still in an ABC correction and in the larger B wave. It looks like a flat (3,3,5) to me. Can you verify my thought process?

  ·  2년 전

And thats exactly my question:) To me it also looks like a flat 3,3,5 forming. I target around 520.


If it is a flat I wouldn't expect the price to drop much more than around 713. A flat correction doesn't have enough downward pressure to go much further below the previous A wave. I also noticed a flat subwave so it could be a fractal of the outer pattern.

  ·  2년 전

Well, best to keep a close eye to the c wave! I am sure it will go below 600 in relation to the extended fifth wave...


That would be fantastic ;)

Hola @haejin, gracias por la informacion, excelente post, un abrazo.

It's funny to watch all these TAs failing every single time :)

Hey @haejin, so in other means, it is likely safe to go on long on this one. Thanks for all these tips, bless you.

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