LiteCoin Cash ~ Who's Claiming their Free Coins???

2년 전


If you held LTC-LiteCoin Tokens on Block 137111 your eligible to receive 10 Free LCC-LiteCoin Cash Tokens per every 1 LTC you hold!!!

Screen Shot 2018-02-15 at 8.58.32 PM.png

Go to: LiteCoin Cash Website

Free is FREE - But DO IT SAFELY when dealing with YOUR PRIVATE KEYS...


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LiteCoin(LTC) : LaDV2jw1TCxbnaTYWpc9ibErHKEUXHc2XT


EOS Token(EOS) :0x7C121a514539cac3773A515e9da619869E7e3C2b

SALT Token(SALT) : 0x7C121a514539cac3773A515e9da619869E7e3C2b

Good Luck and Crypto and STACK On…

Disclaimer: This is NOT FINANCIAL ADVICE!!!

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Good news for holders of LTC.
Great photo by the way - would be spectacular if to scale as a welcome to a city or country...

Have they ever announced what the starting price will most likely be?

i have my ltc on coinbase, can i claim it by having it there or do i need a new wallet elsewhere

Wallet release delayed for a few more hours!
Waiting to launch until there is a block explorer & balance checker

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I hope you will be back soon too!

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