Litecoin growth graph : What thinking about this cryptocurrency.

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Hello, friends: You have good suggestions and investment planing please share with me. If your plan is best and fit for me. I think about. And I will try to do with my best.


I want to share some history of Litecoin by graph.
One day chart

7 days chart

1 month chart

3 months chart

1 year chart

All time chart

In my opinion litecoin next big cryptocurrency. It's growing but slowly slowly but surely you will see litecoin after some time on top with good position. I have invested again in Lincoin. With my hopes. You should try also.

Thank you so much for following and reading my articles. It's my pleasure!

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I am not an objective observer because I have seen the birth of this coin and its rise and fall into the background over the years. In my opinion, Litecoin stands in the shadows of Bitcoin but serves a vital role as carrier coin and base denominator in a lot of coin-trade pairs (especially the 2013 altcoins). Its value has remained stable for a very long time in the 2014-2015 bear period (about $3) and with Charlie returning to Litecoin to pick up where he left, the numerous changes to Litecoin ahead (e.g., Segwit applications) and the broad presence of Litecoin in the market already, bode well for the future of Litecoin.

But the most ecstatic gains will still be made in the Blockchain 2.0 tokens, I am afraid. Perhaps Litecoin's relative dullness implicate that it has matured as a currency of first choice already.


Great reply bro... It's real info.


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