LTC has been pretty depressing lately, thinking of bailing today

4년 전

With so many alt coins surging I'm debating taking a big loss in LTC and getting into something else...I'm very new to crypto but in the past few weeks that I have been following, LTC seems to be a horrible performer....why is ETH surging while LTC and BTC lag?

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Raiblocks, possible Stellar seem to be a good bet, but I wouldn't get rid of all your LTC, it will probably increase again.

FedCoin, ahem, I mean... Ripple, is surging, yes, but we must realize how these bankers play, they take everything to highs, then crash it, buy up all the panic selling and then re-inflate... This is exactly, what ripple was designed for IMO.

Not saying you can't buy/sell, ripple or ANYTHING really, for speculation, fun and profit, but just realize WHAT it is you are investing IN....

ETH doesn't look good for me, because kik decided NOT to use them because they reported slow time and other bugs. ETC is REALLY what Ethereum is.

welcome to the wild west territory. I am not an expert but what I have seen so far, crypto is not the same as stock market. if you own all apple shares and the market crashed you own a big company, on the other hand if you own all LTC coins you will own nothing if the market crashed. lol