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Since the creation of Bitcoin in 2008 the new era in financial sector was born. The basis idea behind the creation of crypto currency also called digital currency is to replace the existing financial structure. People are now realising that the present financial model is outdated and is not at all feasible. Cryptocurrency provides security, reliability, transparency and immutability in its every functional operation.

Cryptocurrencies are perfect for investments as they have value . Coins like Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin are known as digital gold. Even traditional investors are began investing in these digital assets. One of the good thing with crypto is that people can store them in their wallets securely with private key mechanism.

But the problem with storing different crypto assets is that you need to install separate wallets for different blockchain running coins. Thus, it would become a complex task for investors to securely store every wallets private key. Because if they loose it they loose everything that they have in the wallet.

In order to provide a solution to this problem a team of experts have created a wallet called Atomic wallet. Atomic wallet allows to store more than 300+ different types of crypto coins securely at a single place. The best part is that for every coin you will have a separate private key. This makes it convenient for users to confidently store their digital assets in atomic wallet. It also provides decentralized exchange for users to trade and exchange coins with other coins. The Atomic swap feature allow users to instantly exchange one coin with another without visiting the exchange platform. Every transaction done on atomic wallet will be secure and private. All these features you can access through mobile application. Atomic wallet is partnered with Simplex which is EU's largest, licenced card processing company. Thus, users can buy crypto directly with their credit card in just few clicks.


Litecoin is known as the brother of Bitcoin. Litecoin provides an opportunity to make improvements in the Bitcoin's core functionality issues. Litecoin was created by Charlie Lee who is a former employee of Google. Litecoin supports mining frameworks which allow miners to confirm the transactions and earn Litecoin's in return. Litecoin is a peer to peer digital currency which provides a instant payment solution at low commission fee. Litecoin allows to be used as a main payment solution. The upcoming Litecoin halving event is predicted to push the price more. You can buy Litecoin through atomic wallet easily with your credit card and securely store and access it within the application.


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