Double Smack Down! This Cannot Be His Ending.

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Little John, a true person.

I hardly have the words to make this post. I saw him two days ago after two years.


Life is not always roses.

Your all read the ending that I had planned and made, and my assumptions were true.

All of it really happened. Above you see the Little John I remember and on the right, Norma who had rented the apartment on her welfare benefits.

Below, you see Little John on the left, successfully in harmony with your world and mine, standing at the door of a high-rise apartment building. This is how he looked when I saw him two years ago. I ceased to worry about him.

If you are easily upset, stop here.

His English is not easy to understand as you will see below. Many of you wanted details through my series, I am sorry that I could not be more specific. There has always been a communication gap.

The unplanned ending is more like a relapse. I went to the park on Friday and found him. His jaw dropped. He looked at me as if he had seen a ghost. I walked through the grass toward him at the outer most corner of the newly renovated park.

Photo and film by @done 10/12/18

He put down his belongings, which he keeps in a large black garbage bag. It is everything he owns. He still has the camera I gave him, the above photos are from the SD card, with his permission.

I talked with Little John (Juancito) for almost two hours last Friday, the day of my last post. I learned that Norma was very sick and in a lot of pain. I am not sure what she had but John may tell you about that later. This past March, she died, though not from a disease. If I understood John correctly, she was beaten to death in her apartment. He was at work when it happened. When the coroner finally came for her, John had no contract, no right to stay, no place to live.

He is back at the park. I am devastated.

I asked if I could photograph him for an article that I am writing. I also showed it to him and handed him more than I have earned on the series. I had planned to upload this DTube video on my account but instead, he will now "learn to fish" with my help. I hope to fade into the background as soon as I have purchased a device for him to use.

I do my best work silently in the background. May I say that this series has pushed me to help where I though I had been @done. **I dislike failure! Watch me when I am motivated. This was not his fault!

If you would like to help Little John, vote here for @lvj "La Vida de Juan" (John's life).
either way he will get it.

Little John's introduction video. Filmed on October 12, 2018

DTube Link

I explained Steemit the best I could and promised to set him up with a phone or tablet so he could learn to post. Until that time, I will be at his side when he writes. Everything that his account makes is his. I am setting up an account on his new device that will allow him cash in hand from any local drug store.

Our hope. Support for @lvj - La Vida de Juan, a home for him Now!

@done over and out.

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Yes....even before I read the post.....The exclamation in mind was.....He taught him to fish......fantastic news.

All the best to you.

God works through all things. Trust Him.

'.....and to those who love Him all things work together for good.'

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True comment: John told me that he prayed and asked God to bring me to the park. That was four days before I went to the park. October ninth? I ended up trying to find him on the twelfth.

Exactly two weeks earlier than the day he prayed, I had started writing about him (after not having seen him in two years).

I am not sure what all that means.


Just amazing.....thank you for letting me know @done.

God works in mysterious ways......for His ways are not our ways nor His thoughts our thoughts....from the Bible...I think in the book of Isaiah.

Juan was brought to your mind.

After something has come to mind three times.....I say okay...I guess this wants doing....something like that…of course with thought. ^__^

We are His agents.

All the best to you.


Hi @done, how do you do.. !
"I dislike failure! Watch me when I'm motivated". very good words.

You've done an excellent job with him. All circumstances leave us with great teachings and experiences that allow us to improve things. It's good that you brought him to steemit because steemi is a lifesaver for people like us who for some reason have lost purchasing power. May God bless you greatly for the work you have done with our friend and bless our friend. I am sure that here on the platform there are many with a charitable spirit.

I was very moved to read your writing mr. @done ,,
I also learned a lot from your kindness, your writing was so inspired to me ,,
You are indeed the best Mr. @done ...
And for little john, may he always be in peace and quiet

When I joined Steemit back in July 2017, I came across a post that was written by a person who was at the verge of becoming homeless. He kept writing here at Steemit and people responded to his post and with just a few posts, he was able to survive. He thanked all who helped him in that time of crisis. I did some search at Steemit but could not find his posts. However, I found some other similar posts and want to share them here:

[I'm homeless but not forgotten]

This post made $10,360.53 and it was posted 2 years ago.

Here is another post from someone else:

So, you see the power of Steemit?

Little John too has a similar story and can change his life through Steemit. It's good to see him posting here. I just followed him and request everybody to do the same to help him. Empowering the weak is one of the things that bring you the real happiness - something priceless.

This post by @done has 81 votes but the person who this post/series is about has got only 15 followers at this point. Even at his first and only post, he has got 40 votes means at least 40 people landed at his post but did not all of them followed him. Please spare a few seconds and follow him here:

Let's change at least 1 life in this month.

Steem On!

  ·  3년 전

I really appreciate what you wrote. There will likely be a video with his reaction to the money he sees on the screen. I am working feverishly to clear and reset an android device of mine to hand him.

Thank you for your post!


Great job @done. You're doing an excellent job. I've an idea that can help him a lot. Can we chat in person?


Yeah me too resteemed his post and followed him. Now he's got 21 followers. Great initiative @done. What could be better than helping the poor.


You're right @ugetfunded. Steemit has become my most favorite platform. It has the power to change lives through Steemians like @done but we can also play our role and that's what I just did. I'm his follower # 17.


Yup nice thinking. Just followed him and resteemed his introductory post so that other could see it.

Great job @done. You're a real hero.

  ·  3년 전

Extraordinary, I personally am very happy to read your story. you are very kind to your friends, hopefully your principle can be demonstrated by steemia. thanks for sharing.

  ·  3년 전

Very cool user name. I am happy you stopped by.

Plz Consider supporting John - "La Vida de Juan" - @LVJ

my upvotes are over there for today

  ·  3년 전

Thank you very much friends, I am also happy to meet you

Little john people who are patient and tough.
thank you @done.

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Un final muy esperado y como dijo un amigo por alli esperamos que este no sea el final sino el principio, un nuevo comienzo, una nueva oportunidad que le da la vida, en este caso @done ayuda a otro a levantarse y seguir. Pocas veces somos optimistas y vemos volver a caer a las personas en situación de calle, a veces ni les preguntamos su historia, o porque estan alli. Se que no podemos ayudar a todos pero cada uno de nosotros debe buscar su mejor forma de ayudar a otros.

A long awaited ending and as a friend said there we hope that this is not the end but the beginning, a new beginning, a new opportunity that gives life, in this case @done helps another to get up and continue. We are seldom optimistic and we see people fall back into the street, sometimes we do not ask them their story, or because they are there. I know we can not help everyone but each one of us must find his best way to help others.

Un abrazo muy fuerte.

A big hug.

  ·  3년 전

Juancito will see your post on his blog as soon as I can find him again. I am trying to get him a phone so I can make sure of where he is instead of walking blindly through that park.

hugs back!

Impresionante e ironica qie es la vida. Que mal que Norma haya muerto y el haya quedado nuevamente en la calle, ojala encuentre una solucion, me alegro mucho ver a Juancito Espero puedas seguir ayudandolo.

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My plan is to provide the tools, the accounts, and the currency conversion for John's account into local cash. I am already looking for furnished rental places.


@done, some time back watched the video of Little John and literally speaking you are doing an graceful, kind and humanitarian work by Introducing him with an Platform from where he can step into new Reality. Keep up the great work and wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂

Dear @done It has been exciting to know how you have helped Little Jhon (juancito) to solve his life problems so far complicated. I just hope that from now on he solves these problems and can give us new stories in steemit. Receive my affections

  ·  3년 전

Thank you. He is learning Steemit and will hopefully earn his own way.

My comment voting is happening on John's account "La Vida de Juan" - @LVJ

Please consider supporting his intro post.

This is a story that is very interesting and full of kindness in the first part of your post about a Little John, a little John finally able to live luxuriously with a life sacrifice and this makes me have to think when there are some people who are still living poor out there. thank you for sharing this story @done.


Yes, this makes me stronger.

I have seen it and followed it. I restem so that everyone can do it and see it.

I have followed him and it is great how you are helping him.
It may not go as smoothly as you may want but it is helping. It's a process of growth......Steem on.....I'm here to support as much as I can.

  ·  3년 전

I saw you at "La Vida de Juan" - @LVJ

I will see him tomorrow or Tuesday to hand him the dollars that you all pledge.

I am sure that good people will meet good people too and there is no eternal in this world. I like your story and I read it very easily in your language.

Seguramente Juancito con tu soporte en Steemit podrá mantenerse sin problemas. Te felicito por tu enorme corazón, en especial con los que realmente lo necesitan

It's good that you met him again and you feel that emotion when you see him, you see a good countenance, I hope he's in better condition than before.

Greeting, @done. Life has given you and little John a second chance. They will be able to re-establish their friendship and they will be able to talk about things that were pending. You will teach him how to fish and he will teach you how to do it. It is a new opportunity for you and for him. Now we will follow little John and maybe he will give us a little window of his world. You will have a lot of support @ljv.

He may not have new clothes but at first sight he has a normal countenance, thank God he has your humble support.

I thought it was going to be the end of the series of the little John but I see that it has other sequels. Very regrettable what happened to Norma, a very tragic acontesimiento. How innovative to give him the tools so that John joins the Steemit community seems to me something fascinating, and also to follow up on the events that come up. Very good work that you do @done.

  ·  3년 전

I saw your post on his blog. Thank you for your sympathies. Though I had only met Norma one time, I was saddened to find out that she had passed away. You can keep up with John on his blog. I will be focusing on teaching him how to manage his Steemit account rather than writing.

You have a heart of gold. A strong hug for @done.

  ·  3년 전

We all do! It is time to show it - this is life and death for Little John. I really don't know how he survives.

When I left him on Friday, he said he was going for a coffee. I took a bus in order to get out of that neighborhood and through a worse one. I snapped this photo of him walking five blocks with all his things, just to sit and have a coffee.


I plan to go see him today, if I can find him that is. If not, tomorrow.

  ·  3년 전

all i wish that Little John will meet his success here on steemit sir @done.

So that he would never suffer collecting that garbage. how i realy wish that.

Que bueno conocer a Little John Juancito. Pero es triste saber que su compañera Norma murió. Espero que Juancito se recupere de nuevo y aprenda de esta plataforma para lucrarse y coseguir un mejor lugar para vivir. Gracias @done por enseñarlo a pescar, tus seguidores seran tan buenos como tú y espero que vayan al blog de Juancito a apoyarlo, yo lo haré. Saludos!

Very devastated to found him back at the park, Eish it must really so hard for him, but at least he could find his way back to that park and not elsewhere, probably he might have been thinking where to locate you, but he knows one place he could possibly see you, glad you found him back, even though the condition you met him worse than you expected him to be,but notwithstanding you going to continue the good work you started...

Glad to hear you got him account on steemit, this is a platform of hope and a world to support each other.

Am going to see his account and support with my little vote, I believe with a support from you and community as whole, things will change for him for better.

You are really a nice and kind man!

Keep the good spirit.



  ·  3년 전

I do believe he was there because it is what he knows. It is the place where I had first met him. But I had been there at least thirty times before I had seen him by the apartment. I had no reason to believe he would be back on the street, but I wanted to make sure before I closed the series.

I am catching up on votes here as the week goes on - as my VP permits.

I saw your comment and vote on his page. Thank you.


Glad to hear little John, is here already in steemit, I know this community is great, don't hv much but little VP but 0. vote from all of us and people's like you will change his story soon, glad @xpilar found out about him too, his a kind and supportive man like you!! Togetherness I see a new little John life changing to positive, as soon as you get him a phone and he started blogging, support will be given to him by the community I believe.

Your life teach us alot, so why not we support little John as well with little or nothing that we have.

Thanks for doing great work in the life of man called little John.

God bless

#xpilar #Team #Support @little John.

Que lamentable lo de Norma :(

Me alegra que que John aprenda a pescar! ... pero no estaría en riesgo, viviendo en el parque y con una table?... No sé como es la situación por allá...

Lo agregaré a mis contactos para apoyarlo, y estaré orando por un hogar para él. :)

Me alegra muchisimo que hayas podido ver luego de tanto tiempo. Dios te bendiga. Imagine harias algo así cuando al final de tu post anterior decias que pronto lo conoceriamos. Estaré atenta. Como mencionaron en un comentario es mejor enseñarle a pescar. Un abrazo

  ·  3년 전

I was very anxious on Friday. I worked tirelessly to get him a user name (LittleJohn was taken) and put up a picture, transfer the video of him, then I wrote my post.

Last night I set up a tablet for him. It is old, but works well. He will have a bible, his Steemit account (key saved to auto login), and a local payment app, allowing him to withdraw cash using his ID card. I will exchange his steem dollars for him --> usable cash as we go.

  ·  3년 전

yeah...I am not a good stakeholders here on steemit because i made a lot of wrong decisions last year, but i support this man Little John @lvj

I think he needs a physical keyboard @done because of his fingers but it is just a suggestion.
"Long Live" for the both of you. May God Bless You all.

  ·  3년 전

Thank you. I saw that you went to his blog. I cannot be sure how well he writes, but he said he has many stories from the streets. Norma's death is one that he shared with me, but the details are not clear to me because of his English.


Yes @done But writing is not for everybody, not even for me too because I just need funds that is why I am forced to blog which sometimes is tasking and sometimes fun.
Little john maybe just needs more guidance until he can lift himself up from poverty and such problems.

Hello dear friend @done, I am very happy to see you can tell about all this, hopefully what you have done, God hopefully bless the work of you and all of our friends in this work, thank you so many friends I have shared

Little john is a big john.
Thank you @done for information.
Good story @done.

Good friend @done with jhon.
I like your story and little jhon.

Very good posts I really like and the video that you post is very interesting and can also make a lot of people entertained, I'm happy with you, my best friend, @done ,, thank you from me @permatachannel

  ·  3년 전

very good video, I am very happy to see your posts my best friend is @done, is this video the result that you made, very cool

good and worrying story that your friend @done experienced. I am also concerned about the accident that befell your friend in the Apartment.

@done, I can understand how you would felt when you saw Little John after two years and once again in the same Situation. And truly saying sometimes life really plays the game because in my opinion after moving from the garden due to Renovation may be his life got turned around but once again he got pushed where he was.

But in my opinion now once again life have different plans for him and that's why you've Introduced this platform to him and whatever efforts you are putting to make his life better for that for sure you will be backed with the blessings.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂

What a touching story, done, you are one of the kindest persons on Steem.

  ·  3년 전

Que bien amigo @done que haz enseñado a pescar a juancito. Estare ahora pendiente de su trabajo.

Wao, increíble realmente las pequeñas cosas son grandes hechos para todos, yo pensé que las ballenas pensaban solo en ellas y hacen obras que dejan con la boca abierta
Es una gran obra la que haces estoy feliz de seguirte y comentar cada uno de tus post ahora mas constante que nunca, listo seguiré y apoyaré a @lvj mi voto no vale nada en pocas palabras, pero allí verá mi apoyo constante e iré por tu carril de ayuda,
Excelente post muchas gracias por publicar estas obras
Resteem seguro
Un saludo desde Venezuela

  ·  3년 전

The problem is grouping all people of a certain label as doing the same thing. I may be a whale but also an individual as are the others. I am sure every whale has their own ways as does every other kind of investor.


Quien mejor que @done para crear esa etiqueta de ayuda, te seguimos muchos, y creo que todos podemos seguir tus caminos y tus objetivos de ayuda
Y claro entiendo eres un individuo también, y con muy buenos sentimientos
Gratitud para ti.

Encantado de conocer al Pequeño Juan, espero que tenga mucho éxito en Steemit

Me ha encantado conocer a Little Jhon gracias por animarle a trabajar en steemit. Pronto lo veremos con los grandes.

  ·  3년 전

Oh my! He's real! :D Amazing idea your little john now steemians! Why i never think like that before, must be useful for people around me!

Hi @done- well done! The best way to help people is to bring them back into their own strength. So he gets his self respect- without one can't survive.
I think little John has much to write about life.
That is worth a follow. Good luck guys! Greetings from Germany.

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Wow, what you've done is incredible!
Because I did not know about you before ?!
You are a great person to help him! when one is in a situation like that, most of the time we do not have help but there are people like you who are unbelievable! I live a very difficult situation in my country and many of my countrymen also everything is very difficult, I survived here thanks to Steemit, we had a family business and in all the problems that the country was, had to close we thought that there were no more opportunities because everything was and has become worse than before, but I thank the person who sent me that message that changed my life and made me know Steemit.
People like you @done, are very valued!👏👏👏👏

Thank you for such delightful end of your story @done, I could not imagine that this will have any end as you lost contact with John. Seeing him on video he is looking like you described him and he is obviously Spanish speaker, you have such a patient to be able to take time and listen to him to understand him and to support. That is really like a soup series. I am really glad you met John again and it is nice to see that you helped him with it.

ooohhhhh no no no, well, from my point of view it was something that looked to come, what a pity, I'm sorry. I think this is a teaching for you and for us who want to help. I hope that now little John learns to fish. I do not know what you have taught him but I will be attentive to know what you did with him.

  ·  3년 전

I see your comments on his posts Luis. Thank you for supporting him. My voting power got low for a day so I am only voting on posts and comments that will bring John out of a bad time. I hope to attrack people to his blogs and not mine. He only has the cloths on his back - I am working on finding something that fits him. Once he is presentable, he should be able to get a place to live and all of you have a role to play in that outcome! God bless all of you.

Hello @done, an interesting story.
Thanks for your share!

Interesting posts, they all look fat, I'm sure they are all healthy, but I don't know whether they have eaten or not.

I am sure that John is able to write, even more successful in Steemit.

You have to take John to the barbershop first


Thank you for the laugh.....

  ·  3년 전

Hi @done How do you find traces of your friends, do you have the same task as them. the story is very useful. thank you for this post.

I am very happy to see him writing for Steemit.
Buy him a tablet to write in Steemit!

John! You are welcome here Bro John

Es un gran cambio dado por su amigo John, y por aqui estaremos pendiente de su historia a través de su cuenta @lvj , bendiciones para ti @done

Wooow, I'm glad for John's change, it's a big step that has given thanks to God and the help of you friend @done, God bless you enormously.

Strong friendship does not need daily conversation or togetherness all the time. As long as that friendship is in the heart, true friends will never be separated @done

Actually your post is about the emotions reflected in the money, if right now many people are seeing what to do with their bills due to the difficulty of them

Este tipo de situaciones hace que uno siempre este alerta, cuando se pierde la confianza, se pierde todo.

I was very moved to read your writing mr. @done ,,
I also learned a lot from your kindness, your writing was so inspired to me ,,
You are indeed the best Mr. @done ...

Hello dear friend @done, I am very happy to see you can tell about all this, hopefully what you have done, God hopefully bless the work of you and all of our friends in this work, thank you so many friends I have shared

Wow @done
This has really got my attention to know that there are people in this world that has a kind heart such as you are displaying. I love this!

La historia de Little Jhon me ha parecido muy emocionante, el a pesar de vivir en la pobreza siempre ha mantenido una actitud digna ante los demas. Espero conocer

Muchas personas actúan con un doble propósito, pero no se dan cuenta que están perdiendo la confianza de los demás y que sólo una vez le pasará con ella. Gracias por compartir.

Hey I like what you write, thank you for sharing with all of us, The deceit is the worst that exists and more when you tare of money, be careful with scams also...many successes

Yes this is a very good explanation from you @done, I like the words from you "who pinched me, maybe it will not happen". I think, honesty and trust is the key to everything.

@Done, Good to read your posting. I really like the vision you have of things.

You stay focused @done, do not get affected with the environment and many people who want you to be happy and healthy. resteem let everyone read and listen to this great post.

well time teaches us everything with experiences for sure

Es lamentable que hayas tenido que pasar por situación así y son experiencias que todos en algún momento pasamos y de los errores se aprenden.

From now on Supporting "little" Jhon. and your steemit account.

Let's keep praying for him, and his family.

A hug, friend.

  ·  3년 전

It is regrettable everything that has happened to John, but fate or you with your kindness has crossed his path again to one way or another help him, I think you have never left him nor in the moments of his good fortune, because you never stopped passing through the park, having as a sixth sense that you were going to need.

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I was deeply moved by the life story of a friend of John.

  ·  3년 전

hi, my friend @done. In life, people often feel fall and live bitterly. When a human is in a very bad position, of course he will need a friend to be encouraged to rise.

Upvoted and follow, but I have no power at all, I wish him and you all the best @done

A patient patient. face life patiently.
thank you @done.

hi good friend how are you healthy ... i just saw and watched your video, my results are very interesting and very cool

Good job, and good work dear friend @done.

Everyone has fallen, but we have to rise up with enthusiasm and we must support them. Like @vvj "La Vida de Juan"
Thanks @done

It seems like Little jhon is so happy with his simple appearance,
I also want to have a friend like Little Jhon so that my days are happy to be able to joke with him, of course you are always happy when meeting Little John.

WOW, what a story! I'll definitely head over to his page and lend him support. You are one of the truest beings I've had the pleasure to 'meet', I wonder if Little John knows how fortunate he was to have you stumble on him :)

heart sincerity sometimes comes unexpected. ... I saw and read your article that was so moving ... I thought that was the human advantage given by God to him. Feelings can sometimes be lied to. But his instinct came and approached. The complex carried out what was ordered by balance. (Heart).

Thank you @done you have made a good post for this. I think your post is very good for an aspiration in the current communication era.

Salam Hornat from me @amarjuanda12345.

Have a nice day.

good write @done
thank you for sharing

work is very incredible,i support and agree your works @done

We are looking forward to your friend @done in Steemit.
Hopefully writing in Steemit will increase John's income

Friendship is not something you can learn at school. But if you haven't learned to understand the meaning, then you haven't learned anything @done

You will never know how it feels to trust others before you ever trust others. Believe me, there will be feelings of relief and happiness when you can trust others and others believe in you.

Understand that your friend's past is not a reflection of him at this time. Understand that appearance is just an outer cover that doesn't specify anything. Understand that knowing all these things makes you love your friends more @done

@done In life, people often feel falling and bitter life. When a human is in a very bad position, of course he will be sagat needing encouragement and enthusiasm to rise up, the voice or enthusiasm of anyone closest to him.

@done Sometimes there are many things that make it possible for the heart to break, even making the soul falter, but all of them must be good afterwards

@done sometimes you stop giving attention to someone just to make him aware that your absence will make us lonely we can just pray.

@done when you are at a very fragile point, just ask Him for strength.

@done is a very difficult thing when all the good start suddenly turns bad. And what's more difficult than that is choosing a choice between letting go or staying afloat

I'm Madeline and I'm the Public Relations Manager for Steemit Inc. I love reading what you've done for Little John and I think his story could awesome to feature in a Steem blog post and in other areas. Would you mind emailing me at to connect further?

A good friend is not he who is always there when you are at the peak of glory, but when you fall and stumble in adversity not so @done

This true friendship states that friends emerge through the old process of recognition. The longer you know and be together, the more you will believe that he is your real friend, who is patient @done

Having a friend not only has one or several people to share stories. Good friends are those who always try to share the best examples for life, right, @done

@done with anyone you are friends at this time, believe me he is the best person in the world who warms your heart with friendship. Make every time you have meaning.

@Done also posted about little john,,, steemit's name @brothermax ,,
He needs your support ...
Will you help?

Thank you for everything you have right now, and start to fix any mistakes that have been made in the past to be better in the future

@done ou can understand how meaningful friendship is for humans. Friendship is the most important asset for humans in life. Believe when you feel the beauty of friendship, that's where your life begins.

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What a commendation to your morals @done ... I am very impressed with you, you are amazing ... and I'm sure, mr ** little john ** very happy, have your own friends ...

Who is litlle jhon ...
Like he is very valuable, for you @done

If you find one of them at the moment, take care of them and don't let go. They are the chosen people of God to guard and entertain you in this world, don't be sad, @done

When life feels scary and challenging to live, friends become the main grip for you. Opinions from a friend are like lights in darkness @done

Definitivamente es una historia con final inesperado, o bueno, más que inesperado, es que el final aún no está escrito, esperemos que esta vez salga nuevamente de las calle, pero que no recaiga, esperemos también que steemit sea una fuente de ingresos aunque no creo que sea fácil, si en Venezuela vivir de steemit es complicado, imagino que en otros países es más complicado aún, ya que las cosas son mucho mas caras que en Venezuela, seguirnos atentos de cómo se va escribiendo esta historia

So proud for what you are doing :) acts of kindness are only thing that matters
I would love to help, make sure to contact me if you need me to create some videos or maybe a blog to write!
We'll donate everything to John

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Friendship cannot be said with words, but friendship itself gives meaning to life. You can feel friendship because your friend gives you meaning. You can only taste it in your heart @done

You are responsible for always taking care of your friends and supporting them, whatever the situation. You are responsible for removing his grief and supporting his joy @done

Sólo las personas con un inmenso corazón hace esto por su amigo
Eres grande y queda demostrado ante toda esta comunidad

Que se multipliquen estas obras para que el mundo sea diferente, AMÉN...

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hello my dear @done i hope that you are good and having a great time, then no word can describe how humble and kind you are to bring people like Little John to steem blockchain that is the humanity soul new chance for him to start a new good life and it will be great opportunity for us because he will share with us his priceless experiences. Welcome @lvj

I draw this portrait as a gift to say welcome to @lvj and also say thanks to you for your support.

#ulog is where steemizens have been organizing this type of content.

A beautiful and admirable story, that you, Mr. @done, did for the friend @lvj. I would like there to be people in the world like you, who do not give you money or who hold you back; on the contrary, people who need support have to show them the tools so that they can develop an activity that allows them to use their own means. medium. resources and skills to develop professionally and personally, God has great things ready for you. Greetings and may God bless you.

I have followed him and it is great how you are helping him.
It may not go as smoothly as you may want but it is helping. It's a process of growth......Steem on.....I'm here to support as much as I can.