You bring about change with your votes. Next he needs a home!


This all started with a cobweb memory.

Juancito or Little John, translated they are the same.

This @done account was started as an investment. I curated posts for the first year and a half. When I reached 3000 followers (who knows why), I made a couple posts. This was only 4 months ago. You will see my Intro post, one about a business deal and the other about labels.

For some reason I felt like writing a series about this guy I knew five or six years back. I had not seen him in quite some time, but he had gone from living on a park bench to an apartment, possibly married.

Chronology of my posts on Little John

Little John part 1 (34 days ago)
Little John part 2
Little John part 3
Little John part 4
Little John part 5
Little John part 6
Little John part 7
Little John part 8 - The end.

The eighth part was the ending to the story as I remember it. Before posting it, I went to the park where Juancito used to live (lives today) and found him there, worse off than ever before. Part of the reason we had not seen each other in so long was because that particular park had been closed down, renovated, and reopened a year later - no sign of Little John - Juancito.

He is not my brother. We have never played poker together. He was just someone that I helped quite some time ago. Someone that I had watched as he climbed out of the mire and onto solid footing here on this planet.

When I saw him back at the park, I was devastated in my soul. I gave him enough to eat for a few days, spent several hours finding out how he ended up back outdoors, not published as of yet.

I will let him tell it when he is ready.

I asked his permission to make a video and take some pictures for help from the internet. He agreed, I shot some pictures of him, one video and found few others on his facespace account, then I stopped posting about him.

My last post on Juancito was...

Little John -Smack Down

That same day - Less than three weeks ago

I created @lvj for him. "La Vida de Juan" I asked the kids to reset an old tablet we had not been using. I installed a Steemit program, an electronic payment app, a bible, and other creature comforts. His posting started immediately! I helped a lot, but they are his.

We are one month into turning this around!

This is what he looks like today - Please support this DTube video & his account.

Below is a compilation of John's posts

These are posts by John and post by people who have taken an interest in his well being. Contributions from people like myself who want to see him succeed.

Introduce myself. I am Little John. Viste mi historia. (18 days ago)

Since that day, I have been slowly teaching how to use Android, obtain wireless internet for free, and given him a nice phone. He knows how to put credit on his phone via the RapidPay app I had put on it.

Right after Juancito's introduction post

@xpilar created an art piece dedicated to @lvj aka Little John.


The artwork below. See the post here . (17 days ago0)


At the same time

@brothermax made bilingual post summarizing the journey of thins man we call Juancito.

Back to John's posts...

This is like Christmas in October. I am learning Steemit

Lunes 15 de octubre - Ahora en castellano

@lvj - Juan Spanish 15 Oct. Video

Catching by surprise. New Clothes. Your votes changed to cash.

The above were clothes that I bought that did not quite fit his "little" body. We have been shopping since then.

El primero con amigos.

DTube Video. New Clothes! Ropa nueva que me queda bien!

The above was about the clothes I had found at the big and tall store.

Five Minutes for a Friend - Cinco Minutos para una Amiga

People stop to see him all the time. I am amazed how many know his name and he knows all of theirs. With new clothes on, he was allowed to sit near the car wash and have coffee with me.
(he was not allowed inside at this point yet)


Above is by @stef1 who stopped by after creating this portrait of our friend. Click this link to support her post. Below is her work!


Back to John's posts...

Two Minutes for a Friend - Dos Minutos para un Amigo

One Minute for a friend - Un Minuto con una Amiga (yesterday)

Two Minutes for a Friend - Dos Minutos para un Amigo (last night)

He knows how to vote, resound, and check his wallet.

For now, I take the videos, he takes the pictures and sends them to me. He also speaks into my phone - voice to text - so that his posts are his own. (he has not learned to make a post yet).

As soon as he has clean clothes...

A clean appearance, and self respect, then the posting lessons can begin at a restaurant where it is quiet, without buses screaming past. Oops.

That day happened last night.

Link to DTube
Link to IPFS

Links to the same DTube as the cover photo

Little John - A Night with Dignity

We walked to the mall, sat in a restaurant and people said things like, "What can I get you sir?" to him.





After we had finished with coffee and a snack, we walked the mall, his head held high.

Normally he would be told to leave or have security remove him. Not because of drinking or drugs, he does not do those things. Just for being poor and having worn out clothing. Now he is able to pick what he wants - much thanks to all who vote for him here and give him hope.

We shopped for a jacket that fits him, it has a hood to keep his head warm now that he has shed his natural weather protections. We found pants his size and some new shoes, the kind he likes.

This is where I left him last night, four blocks from where he parks himself every night. He had only run into a few people that recognized him. Let me tell you, they were shocked at the change, but all smiled and either fist bumped him or greeted him with a kiss on the cheek which is customary here.

I have not stopped receiving texts about the reactions from Juancito telling me of the reactions he gets from people. He tells me that the same police that gave him problems on Saturday now greet him with a nod, "Good day."


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woooow you are amazing @done
has made a new atmosphere for @lvj

I am also very happy and happy, @lvj has started his new life now.
I can only stare and repeatedly write this, because the touch of your help, has made @lvj leave the look of his old story as a memory.

You look handsome and neat, in this photo

this house, the results of payment for each post about "animals life" and others, which I post every day. in #steemit #dtube, #youtube, dll

it is fitting for @lvj to have a steem house, like the steem house that I have now @done.

I was able to make a house thanks to the help of @xpilar and other steemians, in steemit.
now it's my turn and another friend, helping @lvj, having a steem house.

I have seen his smile shine and glow today.
thanks to God's help through your hands @done, everything can be done wisely.

hopefully everything will be done for @lvj
thank so much @done

regards @sultan-aceh in aceh

  ·  작년

I looks tropical there. Thanks for sharing pictures of your house. You forgot to mention your awesome drawings.

I know what you mean. I repeat myself a lot when talking about @lvj -my oldest child saw him today for the first time since grade school, we were all happy to see him clean shaved and trim. A house to rent would be very good. I still rent because I prefer to.

God bless you Sultan!


yes @done
the house you saw, the position of being in the forest in Aceh

I understand .....
maybe by renting an apartment, to stay for a while, before owning a house. very good for @lvj and health.
and have a place for @lvj friends, while visiting

let the park be the most beautiful memory in his life @lvj
I understand very well, which is experienced by @lvj
in the course of his life, in the past.

because I have experienced it too
and now on #steemit, my life can change 90 degrees.
in achieving dreams for my family in #Aceh.

my expectations,
other steemians can, get the same place, via #steemit
I hope we are all healthy.

the same greeting, may you, too, be blessed by God
greetings to your family there @done


Did you have a familiarity with the little
john? Do you live in the same place.

@lvj steemit joins 18 days to
make many improvements. I believe that
through steemit many people have been
provided employment.

My father did not spend the cost of my
studies, at present I used to steemit
to spend my education.

As you are helping little john That too
helped me a lot in steemit. I would like to
thank @liondani and @asmolokalo

I wish I could help the little john. I do not
have anything to help. I gave a little
something to steem @lvj


a motivation and a very interesting story @done

  ·  작년

Thanks for nice words @done

I will give my support to help @lvj for him to get an apartment


if everyone is like @done and @xpilar then there are no more displaced people in this world.
I don't have the ability to help @lvj but I feel happy because @done @xpilar and several other popes have lightened their hands to help our friend @lvj

edit......check your wallet.....

Thank you @done.

What a remarkable advance in so little time.....yes...I am familiar with the culture.....very sensory and visual the acceptance.....

I am so happy for Juancito and you....and even happier that he has access to a Bible......

bleujay makes a request......please show him John 3.16......Psalm 23, Proverbs 8...this one for you as well....and John14. So many words of common sense, encouragement and wisdom for the soul that seeks God.

Thank you @done.

Wishing you and yours and Juancito...all the best.


  ·  작년

You are welcome. I hope this makes you happy because it is very rewarding for me as well. You are the first to do such a thing, and I won't argue about it. We have a lot in common. That is the amount I put up the day I started @lvj for him. It was SBD powered up. He knows he cannot touch SP - it's his retirement fund.

I am results oriented and way outside of my comfort zone but I have feelers out for a room to rent near there, but not so close to the drugs and robberies. My goal was thirty days and I am late! I don't like being late.

He has a paperback that is about six years old from me, and the two that are in his devices. I will personally read those with him.

You are pretty special!


Thank you for your kind reply......very happy indeed.


  ·  작년


I thing there is a post dedicated to you coming...

  ·  작년

Hello brother @done, I'm very happy with you. and you really inspired us. here are many moral messages and lessons that we can get right. You are very generous, I hope we challenge ourselves to do the goodness of humanity as you do

My Steemit life started more than a month ago. I own a desktop, a laptop, an android phone and with stable internet connections. I’m an online Language tutor and a technical writer. I’ve been doing such thing for years and gladly receive a handsome remuneration out of it. Since the day I’ve read Little John’s introduction post, I’ve been silently following you @done and standing by for Little Johns’ posts. By the way, thank you for upvoting my comment in Little John’s introduction post. So far, I have authored 9 posts here at Steemit, including my self-introduction, in which some of them ended to 2, 3, if not 5 or 7 upvotes with an equivalent value of 0 to a few pennies till I decided to spend a few steem for promotion. It resulted then to 200 up to 400+ upvotes but, still, with a few pennies value.

Call me “slow”... that’s alright. I think I deserve it. Until now I can’t fully comprehend how the platform works. As I’ve mentioned in my introduction post, more than a month ago, I know nothing about crypto currency. Such fact remains the same hitherto. And I wonder how Little John’s life would completely be changed in joining the platform. If only I knew it, surely I would share it with my fellow Filipinos whom I believe are more “less fortunate” than Little John. The only thing that is clear to me right now is … there is love overflowing in this place for little John (Juancito) and it all started from you @done. It is in your heart wherever you may go. It's a good thing there is Steemit that serves as an avenue towards one's life betterment. It’s a great thing that you make Steemit a portal of such thing in your heart. And I'm glad I've discovered Steemit. I wish such love spread even more and bless others’ lives, too. I’ll be looking forward to seeing more of yours and Juancito’s post.

  ·  작년

I have been here a very long time and had watched a pro for a lot longer. I put my money where my mouth is and called in a few favors in order to give Juancito a boost, I resteemed him, others resteemed him, I voted on every comment that voted for him and many others took the charge as well.

There are tricks to earning on Steemit, but he biggest is being original and interesting. As with TV shows, if not people don't make it to the end - channel change - no vote.

The second biggest is vote for those who vote for you. This might require some investment but it is the "social" part of this social network.

The old timers vote big only when they are impressed. Your blogs are well done, your English is great, so don't worry. Some of the best bloggers did not start to earn consistently until they had well over 700 followers. It takes time. The same goes for youtuve and spacebook where they don't even bother to pay you but people still give them free content. Those only sell your personal data and splat ads in your face.

Stick with here at Steemit and forget about those other sites.


That's right @done and I only find social interactions only in steemit, even though Facebook or YouTube are social media platforms, but they are not like steemit. I also support your steps to help juancito @lvj to succeed on this platform, and this is an example that must be done by everyone in Steemit.

I am an Indonesian steemian, proud to see your efforts to help juancito, hopefully it will
there are many good people like you in steemit.


Thanks a lot @abdone. With due respect, you will be included in my next post which I am currently drafting.


Greetings @done. As I've mentioned, you are included in my most recent post. In fact, you play a major role in it.


comment points that you make. Based on facts and reality. This is very impressive. there are many posts that think it's real. even though they are. Trying to engineer. From the work of others. I think "juancito". What you mentioned is a person who will take back his success in a short time. Even stages and processes to reach 700 followers. This is a target but does not mean a burden that the community will carry on itself. Cooperation is the best solution.

as you say the award feedback is in the form of SP / SBD / STEEM gifts. Will be a dream for followers.

The realistic nature of a comment that you say is a fair guideline. Against a given and giving.

in reality it will not run away from an object that everyone desires. according to what and how the process took place.
There are a number of similar things happening between the esteemit community that we see. This also illustrates a very strict push. For us to take a more serious attitude in responding and responding to followers or those who are followed.

Advertisements and sponsors who continue to follow will add to the increasingly lively atmosphere. The flow of funds that will flow requires a process.

Continue to fight in esteemit. Not others.


  ·  작년

Hello Done, following all the post that you have shared with us from John I know you are the greatest of the angels that God has sent him, I am also sure that with your help he will soon have his home.
Ah he looks very good the change of look

Surprisingly well, what a change !, many friends do not recognize him in the street, thanks @done for what you are doing for a creature of God, and thank you for downloading the bible on your table.

A verse for the occasion.

Wherefore if any man is in Christ, [h]he is a new creature: the old things are passed away; behold, they are become new.
2 Corinthians 5:17

  ·  작년

wow...look at that Little John you look handsome i see the changes of his life alot.

You really made a man's life better @done happy to see your new look @lvj

  ·  작년

That is a great change of the whole life of Juancito, he could write a memoir telling how Steem Blockchain has changed his life. People do not know much about crypto, what is and what is the benefit. As government tries to delay and put any obstacles in the growth and spread of Crypto that is the best advertisement for Steem blockchain. Interesting journey I hope only for best for Juancito and he is a lucky man to have such friends like you @done :)

Terminó la espero, nuevo look de Juan. @Done estás dando una buena lección, y las herramientas para que Juan se defienda. Saludos

Hello @done ... I remember your first publication ... I laughed a lot because you wrote that you did not know why you had so many followers if you had not published anything ... I even made a comment mentioning you that made me laugh! ... You you did not publish very often ... but then 2 or 3 more publications came, where it was shown that you are a different person ... that you like to help ... The whole story of Juancito, has been a great example of that great heart that do you have. There are still people who care about others, every day God surprises us with an angel on the road, and I say this with good reason, because God has put angels in my way and it is something wonderful ... Everything you have done for Juan It is something very beautiful that few people would do. God knows your heart and I assure you, that nothing you have done for a johncito will remain in the air ... all that God will reward you in life, health, love, protection ... in many ways ... because God loves to the joyful giver, God loves the one who feeds the poor, the one who helps the neighbor ... Juancito has achieved a lot of change, has restored his life little by little and that is something worthy to follow and support. It is a story that fills with joy and hope!
God bless you!

Your story is very inspiring. Greetings to Jon, tell him, actually he is very handsome :)

Thanks @done

  ·  작년

Thank you for sharing this beautiful story, the change of John is amazing, but I know that this story does not end here, we pray that John also terga an inner change and can know Jesus Christ and obtain eternal life. God bless you @done.

Hi @done you are a very loving and caring person considering that Mr. @lvj is not your relative. I am happy with my heart that you had transformed him into a much better Juancito than he was before.
Regarding buying him a home maybe a shipping container can be made just to shelter him like in the photo below.

  ·  작년

Those are cool. I have seen them. A friend of mine is building out his unit now.

In the city most of the land is already built on. Juancito has some challenges and I do not believe he could handle moving to the suburbs. If he learns how to use Steemit well and constantly, then he will pay rent for a room first. If he obtains a steady income, then a rental contract may work. Purchasing something is not in the picture unless he has $70k here in the city.

Oh may God continue to bless you for people like this! I myself couldn't recognize little John after his hair got cut.

@done I must appreciate you for the great task over this man called little John, you didn't give up on him despite the fact that at a time little John seem to picked his old back self but with your good heart and kindness soul you didn't give on him and the journey here on Steemit was greatest things to you do for little John by teach him to catch fish and not just given him fish to eat.

If you and little John will permit me to write to the steemit with a topic Despise but Becoming Great I was motivated to write something when I got a phrase in your text "police who always given him trouble now greeting him with respect, the place where before they sent him out because he was warnout and with dirty cloth put on today they respect him, and embraced him Mr/Sir what can we offer to you? I really need to write about little John so this story could help someone who thought life has end for them while still alive there is hope.

Your support is immeasurable for this man, am very glad little John has started being a new man and living a new life, you help him to be reborn in life, I really appreciate your support for him.

As for Steemit, I once said steemit is a platform of hope that gives life to lifelessly, that gives hope to hopeless and help those who are helpless and now I am hoping and believe steemit good people support little John and put him under a roof.

I am very glad to be part of this community called Steemit. I might not have big VP as other but I am very happy to be part of those who will support little John with little. If am allow to write about him to the community with a "Topic: Despite but embrace or Despite but Elevated" all the SBD will be sent to little John.

Thank you for your support and kindness towards little John. I believe soon little John will be communicated with us on steemit right under roof soon..

Thanks @done for share.

It's impossible not to be happy with Juan's situation right now. Definitely God never forgets His children, our Lord is always there with us and I thank Him for putting that feeling in your heart to help John! I know very well what you felt when you saw Juan in that state after so many years because day by day I see the same situation here in my country. Unfortunately, the income I generate is not enough to help a person that way, but every time I go out of the house I always put some fruit in my bag because I always know that I am going to find someone on the street passing by out of necessity. What I'm 100% sure of my dear @done is that God has your reward there in heaven for that enormous work you do. God knows your heart and knows that you have done it in a pleasant way. If the world were full of people like you were totally different, unfortunately it is not like that but you are the difference between many and that God values it! I hope from the bottom of my heart that John will continue to grow spiritually, I know that with that Bible you have in your tablet you will succeed! Greetings to @lvj and to you @done! God Bless you, greetings once again from Venezuela.

Wow! So cool, my friend.
Have fun and enjoy!

Woo... Amazing @done
Good story a little john.

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You ( @stef1 )paint him ( @lvj ) more like and full of feelings.

New look. Mr.@DONE
wooowww ... Boss Cool
I want it. Get to know you even closer.

In the beginning I knew you in a post that you made. That is about.

"introduce myself. I am Little John. Viste mi historia"

I am inspired about that post. Then. I ask friends. who has been active at ESTEEMIT. About how to join the ESTEEMIT community. After I got it and studied my friend Named @andafaris.

Thank you @anandafaris ... Because you have given me. Knowledge about Esteemit.

After I made my first post. Then I immediately looked for you Mr.@Done. Immediately I follow you. Because I have gained knowledge about what you tell about life. Especially in terms of fostering strong brotherhood and the value of a family that we are very proud of.

I want to get that knowledge. Like what you wrote. Because for things like you know. I think I rarely meet. Unique. Dramatic.

I hope you. continue to be successful and happy always in life.


Gracias amigo. En nombre de muchos como el pequeño Juan, tu labor es admirable. El mundo necesita mas personas como tu. Y sabes porque, porque lo estas enseñando a pescar, no solo le estas dando cosas básicas que necesita que a lo mejor como nadie lo tomo en cuenta no supo levantar cabeza. Y eso es lo mas importante enseñar a alguien a pescar y con las herramientas que poco a poco le enseñas en steemit y veo que el le esta agarrando el gusto, se que sera una mejor forma de vida para el. Espero poder seguir viviendo con ustedes el crecimiento en lo personal del pequeño Juan. Saludos cordiales. Si tengo que huir de Venezuela uno de los países que tenemos en mente para proteger a mis hijas es Argentina, y lo buscare para conocer al pequeño Juan en persona.

wuaoo, es impresionante la trasformación, que buen que otras personas en la sociedad que antes no lo trataban bien ahora si lo hagan (aunque no estoy de acuerdo que las personas sean juzgadas por su apariencia) ahora seguro pronto nos dara la sorpresa que ya consiguió donde dormir, y también sería bueno animarlo hacer un poco de deporte, el sobre peso es malo para la salud

La historia mas conmovedora que he visto eres uno de los protagonistas aplaudo tu obra eres alguien especial para el mundo..

Great work, dont stop helping people you improve our life, thanks @done

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  ·  작년

La gracia de dios nació en ti @done haz hecho a un ser que estaba en el abandono y sin familia alguien importante le devolviste la vida saludos.

  ·  작년

It made a huge respect towards you sir.
Keep doing good works and success is not so far

has been a sharing of many emotions. I liked it very much

  ·  작년

I am hoping to see him renting a room within a week or two. He has the money just from Steemit posts, but somebody needs to accept him as a tenant.


thanks for your nice thoughts

New style and new look, like aktor Sylvester Stallone Mr @ljv 😀

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Su nueva apariencia es genial se ve mucho más joven y cuidado
Wao como ha evolucionado y como has cambiado su vida eres alguien que vale mucho, que dios te regale muchísimos años mas de vida te las mereces dios premiara tus obras @lvj soy uno de sus admiradores pero tu te mereces doble admiración un gran saludo desde Venezuela ✋😊

Hello, @done. The story of little John is very beautiful. It has moved me a lot. When we have the possibility of making people transform their lives is sensational. I think that in this way we become truly immortal.

Excellent work, blessings.

Good morning sir.good post sir 👌. thanks for sharing this post.i like it this story.

I read this publication, and my heart leaps with immense joy of knowing such a special being as you, who does good without looking at whom, the most important thing is that you teach him to fish, without giving him the fish, and with only seeing your interest, he becomes a human being, It seems to me that I was a child locked up in the body of a man, you can see in his eyes that he is a noble boy with a soul still showing humility and gratitude, as a lover of social work, this story of Juancito will be engraved in my mind and heart, you are giving him the opportunity to live in a better world. What a great treasure to have reached your blog, you will be my example to follow. The most important thing is that society is reinserted as a human being, and the past remains in the past without judging it because none of us are judges to sentence it. My respects to you, @done the change you achieved in juancito is unrecognizable, looks much younger. For my part my eternal gratitude, maybe I lose myself in the vaiven of life but your teaching will never forget, I send you a big hug full of many emotions, from Venezuela. @done

Great work @done. You created revolution for @ivj
Little John currently like as film star. I already told through comment section after cut his hair and beard he will be handsome. Now he's so smart and gorgeous kits very deserve to him. Steem blockchain changed his mind.

Very nice to see Little John's smile. Keep smile always. It gives smart looks.

  ·  작년

Hi friend

I know that you do not do it for fame, not for recognition, much less hoping that Jhon will pay you in some way.
But let me tell you that God does not owe a debt to anyone, and if you help one of their little ones, I'm sure they'll bless you a lot.

I can not pay you either, and I know you are not looking for any payment. But I can pray for you and your family.

God bless you, protect you and prosper you always.

A big and big hug.

@done, muchas gracias por contarnos tu historia con Juan, y al mismo tiempo por el apoyo que le brindaste, es bueno verlo con tan buena facha, le deseo lo mejor.

¡Wuau!, el cambio de Juancito es sorprendente, pero fuera cambio a nivel de su aspecto físico, creo que el cambio más importante, es el interno que usted @done, está generando en él, al apoyarlo y al darle herramientas, para que él mismo genere ingresos para cubrir parte de sus necesidades, eso le debe estar haciendo sentirse orgulloso de sí mismo, por eso camina con la frente en alto, como debe ser.
Realmente es admirable su labor, lo felicito @done.

De verdad que es admirable toda la transformación que a tenido @lvj con tu ayuda @done . Pienso que es un ejemplo a seguir de amor a la humanidad, que debemoa ver siempre lo bueno de las personas y el potencial que tienen para hacer del mundo mejor. Juancito pare una persona muy buena y la ayuda que toda la comunidad de steemit le esta dando demuestra la simpatia que transmite a los demás. Espero que el apoyo sea incondicional y que así como ayudaste a juancito puedas brindar tu apoyo a personas que de verdad lo necesitan.

Wooow muy buen cambio amiguito, vamos bien.... tu ayuda se refleja completamente, un cambio de 180 ° para el beneficio de john y tu. bendecido dia.

@done, For sure your Contributions and Support will bless you always and for sure Little John is now completely Transformed and i can say one thing without any question and that is, you've showcased the true essence of Humanity and this is great example of an Humanitarian Act and also it's an Motivation to all. Keep up the great work. 👍

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂

Es sorprendente como podemos cambiar la vida de una persona y mucho más increible como la tecnologia permite que la ayuda no sea sólo de una vez sino para toda la vida. Si conseguirá una casa el little jhon, muchos seguirán apoyando labores como las has mostrado en este artículo. Felicidades por el trabajo en equipo. Dios les bendiga.

There has been much progress in his recovery, thanks to your support the friend @lvj is having another opportunity not to be an invisible more in society.

Tomando forma la nueva version 2.0 de juan, fantastico apoyo de @done para el renacimiento de este amigo bendecido por Dios.

you are a gem of a person even words can't describe :)

  ·  작년

What you describe is an extraordinary process of how to rehabilitate a person who re-enters the streets. Depression and lack of self-esteem play a fundamental role in this whole process. What you are doing with Juancito is extraordinary @done, and it is the mission that all human beings have "to love your neighbor as yourself".

  ·  작년

Los milagros existen y esto es una prueba de la bondad de Dios , vaya mis saludos y bendiciones para ti @done por tu buena labor

Interesting posts to trim your hair become your topic to share

When I see your post, I think of an incident that happened to my friend while cutting her hair, because her hair was dead, her hair was only finished half cut

Thank for sharing post
Mr. @done, do you know if I see the master @ littlejohn is very macho if the ranbut is short

it's great post i like you my frend @lvj and thanks for all your frends
A wonderful and very beautiful publication.

@lvj has become elegant and beautiful.
We wish prosperity in the life of my frend @lvj
great post @done Thanks for sharing this publication

extraordinary, that's human life. can instantly change, even if it takes a miracle

A change that you have made to make Little John's life truly real, now he looks like someone who has got his new life. You really have been trying to change the life of Lvj who used to be covered in mud now has become like a professor.

This seems impossible, but because of your help now he looks very happy.

Hopefully your kindness gets a reply @done

Mr. @littlejohn was very enthusiastic in his performance
He cut his long hair to look cool

As a man who values his crown, we must pay attention to the hair by cutting it

Viste que fabuloso cambio sabia que debajo de esa maraña de cabello habia un agradable rostro, poco a poco vamos viendo esos cambios maravillosos, a seguir con optimismo a buen amigo @lvj gracias tambien por mantenernos informados @done.

You saw that fabulous change knew that under that tangle of hair there was a nice face, little by little we are seeing those wonderful changes, to follow with optimism to good friend @lvj thanks also to keep us informed @done.

Fabuloso retrato quedo como un recuerdo del pasado, tiene una cara de alegria.


I'm going to keep on working on it so that this story reaches many people and they learn about the extraordinary work and change that you are doing in a good man, so that many people read to you. I love . You give him tools to keep going, the change was good. @done

Lo voy a seguir recopiando para que esta historia llegue a muchos y se enteren de la extraordinaria labor y cambio que estas realizando en un buen hombre, para que muchos te lean. Me encanta . Le das herramientas para seguir adelante, el cambio fue bueno. @done

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hello @done, I was touched by the life of @lvj, but I am very happy to hear that you are kind to someone, you make people valuable in living life.
I am so moved to read your post.
hopefully this will happen next.

Hello @done, nice to meet you again.

I was touched again by the help you gave to @lvj. You have changed @lvj's life for the better. I really salute you. very rarely now other people have good hearts like you who want to help other people who are in distress.

and it is very appropriate for @lvj to have his own home. I will also always support it. may God always give health to @lvj, so he can feel pleasure when in the world like now.

Guaooo that story so amazing friend of mine @done I've been so long disconnected, I lost it, just gave me chance to post, but I'll catch up. That admirable work

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Hello dear, how are you, are you okay ...
I am very happy to see it, if our friend @Lvj has cut his hair, we have been waiting for a long time,
But in the end @Lvj cut hair too ...

When just cutting hair, it looks handsome,
What's more if he is dressed neatly, and uses spatu
It's even cooler ...

Give greetings dear, for @Lvj my dear @done
And also for families there image

I hope @lvj will wear black glasses to blend with his new appearance..🎩

Hi @done It's nice to know you in blockchain steem. I am also very happy to be part of @xpilar and become a great team in this business.
I am also a witness to the success of @ sultan-aceh with the @xpilar team and hopefully @lvj can succeed with our great team.

Give my greetings to him.
owner99 from Indonesia

Really high appreciation for you @done, for what you have done for @lvj. I am really happy to how he can now sit in the coffee shop and shopping in the mall for what he need and when he want to do. it is really wonderful achievement. I have read from the first series of him. Next thing his teeth, perhaps.

Una gran obra lo que has hecho con Juan, es increible el cambio que has logrado. No muchos logran cambiar a las personas a pesar de su intento y eso es un gran mérito para ti @done.

What good work he is doing with Juancito, he will be rewarded for it. I'm glad you brought it here, so far, so that he starts generating money for himself. His change of appearance is incredible, I am happy that little by little with his help, he will grow and improve. I'm excited to see it emerge. Thanks @done, thanks to you, other people have known the story of Juancito and have been able to help him too. regards

Que buena obra estas haciendo con Juancito, sera recompensado por ello. Me alegra que lo hayas traido hasta aquí, hasta steemit, para que el empiece a generar dinero por si mismo. Su cambio de Look esta increible, me alegra que poco a poco con tu ayuda vaya creciendo y mejorando. Me emociona verlo surgir. Gracias @done, gracias a ti, otras personas han conocido la historia de Juancito y han podido ayudarlo también. Saludos!

Es todo un trabajo humano el que realizas @done y muy buena organización en la forma que presentaste la historia y organizas el post. Esto permitió la apertura a un mundo lleno de posibilidades para Juan, muchas de donde el sólo tenia una, La Calle. La casa llegará!

You sir are amazing for doing what you did to a fellow in need. I wish you and Little John a life filled with happiness.

Also, this is why Steemit is amazing. It has the option of changing people's life.

hello my friend @done I was very touched by the fate experienced by your friend @lvj before. but with your sincere help, your friend @lvj experienced life already feels very light, really your heart is my friend @done, maybe nowadays it's difficult for us to meet noble people who want to help people who are experiencing distress very bitter, and you have helped your friend @lvj who used to be very difficult thanks to your help the life of your friend @lvj already looks fancy now, hopefully your help will be rewarded with very good kindness. Yours sincerely @hamdan12 to a good friend like you my friend @done, I always follow you friends.

They are incredible, doing this for a person says a lot about you, I'm sure that John's will be grateful for all his life, they are also starting to do productive things and giving them tools for their work

No matter how he got to that state, the important thing is that he was able to get out of there with your help, it fills me with happiness to read stories like these, there are still good people in the world

I send greetings from Venezuela

This is such an inspiring post, congratulations to both of you!

Nice post mr. @done when you cut your hair you post it

Mr. Litlejohn is very cool and also very visible as a real man

** Hi ... @ done **

  • After I see your post. I see. Lots of meaning in life. Friends, family, even other people. Sensitivity adapts to something we make a moment. I think that is a storyline. A life is always bound by their participation in taking a stand. Like you now. *

** My point with you now is. About your style and neatness. This is a new thing and inspired by yourself. And the result. It turns out that many who see you today are amazed. **

Why is that.?

I am not an expert on speech experts. But I only respond to what's new to you now ... of course, very impressive.

  • Like Jhon family. In my opinion. Need to be copied. From everyday ways to family. As he told me. *

  • Jhon family. From my point of view the other is. A unique family. Care and have a good sense of solidarity. Against fellow and family. *

** I really want to respond further to what inspired me to Jhon's family. That matter. Being in the post @ done **

  • So far I thought @done was jhon. If it's true. What's with Done.
    Litle jhon
    But let it happen. Because of the positive impact of post @done. Remarkable.*

  • Greetings and always prosper for you always from me @ alhamidah *

** Have fun with your new appearance **

** The end of a comment for you. Support is what I want to get from you. To realize dreams. As you have felt. **

** @ done **

** Hopefully continue to prosper **

** (Amin) **

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Thank you so mucn for commenting. John has Steemit on his phone and can browse comments that everyone makes.


Thank you for your support @alhamidah feel flattered. For the achievement of my comment. to you. and you. @done. Has supported and responded to me. For the things I do.

Once again, thank you. I will continue to be with you in your next post.


It turns out that mr.done. handsome too. I thought. with a shaggy appearance. a few days ago. Sir finished. is a scary person. In the past few weeks I have misjudged you. Apparently you are a handsome figure ... !!!

ooppss ... !!
I also see you. Being in a beautiful market. relax. with your new appearance.

Mr.Done is perfect
Have a nice day.

Greetings to you. From @adikuala

Totalmente cambiado su apariencia, esa ayuda,sera una bendición, para el y los que los apoyan.

  ·  작년

hi, my friend @done, I am very impressed with your kind personality with your friend @lvj.

Hello @done, @jlv. How have you been? What a great difference there is between the first John and the Second John. But more than that I see the great difference that a gesture of familiarity can make, I will not call it charity, I will call it humanity. If we all put a grain of sand we will build a better world, a world in which we can all share, a world of equal possibilities for all, a more expressive world.

Excellent, man, simply excellent. Cosas como éstas me hacen seguir teniéndole fe a la humanidad; soy fiel creyente de que el amor existe y quienes lo comparten son privilegiados. Esta es una prueba más de que todavía existen personas con un gran corazón. Los apoyo con mi pequeño voto y espero que puedan lograr grandes cosas. Un saludo desde Venezuela para ti y para Juancito.

Im feeling really fascinated seeing this. @done thank u so much for helping @lvj. I think he deserves the help because he is an honest and innocent person and he also helps other that i came to know from his earlier posts.And now @lvj is looking awesome and he get the home as soon as possible that i wish.

Great make over!

  ·  작년

Increíble el cambio, casi lloro de la emoción, de corazón me dio mucha alegría por él y por ti, porque sé que estas obras de buena fe alimentan el alma, que al final es lo único que cuenta. Saludos y mis respetos @done.

Are you on sabbatical? Or concentrating on helping @lvj? Just hit my second steemiversary :) It's not the same without some of the people here I've met and love. Hope you bounce in :)

Very handsome when Mr. Litlejohn cut his hair

  ·  작년

Wooow... thank you mr @done you are a great person

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Have fun and enjoy what has been given to you, happy

beautiful stories. beautifully exhibited

  ·  작년

a struggle and a journey with interesting stories @done, I like it

@Done's very brilliant idea of every belief there is a result
Your friend @ littlejohn is really cool and really macho

De hecho, eres una persona interesante donde sea que captes el momento. He visto que tus posts apunten a un niño y ahora a personas que se cortan el cabello 👍

Una fantástica forma de compartir publicaciones es muy buena, sin importar dónde esté, a veces puedes hacer que los peinados sean un tema interesante ;)

I am very impressed with your work, you are a great person, You have heaven won

Hi @done, The story of Little Jhon ( @lvj ) is very inspiring, you have helped his life change so drastically that he can rise from adversity ...

I hope he can be happy with the your help, really your services is very big for him ...
I am amazed by the story of his life..

Thank you..

Muy feliz por el amigo Juancito con tu ayuda ha salido adelante y le has enseñado mucho. Ademas le has abierto una cuenta aquí en la plataforma y lo has ayudado a publicar por medio de una tablet, sus post han sido bendecidos por el apoyo de muchos que dan con su voto y apoyando esta gran causa para ayudar.

Great post sir 👌.I like it this story. thanks for sharing this post.i appreciate your life..

  ·  작년

nice post really i like this post

Good morning @done. that's great story. I like it. thanks for sharing.. best of luck in your post..

amazing post really nice tnx for share

Wow! amazing looking, The Little John so handsome. Finally I Respect you sir. You are really so great and inspired us.

a very useful work friend,i like it your work,@done

Dear @done
You are really very liberal man.salute to you man, for loving helpless people.

waw, surely little john feels like in heaven.
how beautiful it is when in a narrow moment there comes the helper angel.
very happy.

may the angel also come to me

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Too bad I had not seen this story. I read him crying, seeing what happens to him and everything that happened, thanks for the support you gave him, that is worth more than a thousand gold .

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Greetings, Merry Christmas, I hope you have had a great time with your family, I hope you feel well, you have a lot of time without publishing, likewise Juancito.

hi @done!

I just saw your generous vote on my post and now I stumble upon this post of yours.

Thank you so much for your generosity with Juancito and with myself. I had seen many of the posta by Juancito, however I didn't know you were behind the help he got at the beginning.

Bless ya brother!

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Really very emoshional story.New look of lvj really beautiful and handsome.I m also very happy.@lvj start new life.going to mall.and purchase a nee shoes.We always helps the others.That is life.Very beautiful apartment.Thanks for sharing.@done.

  ·  작년

good feat !

Hello don, I like your posts because your posts are very interesting. in the past few days I felt upset because my account had a violation.

  ·  작년

Yes, it looks like the cleaner bot got you. I am sorry to hear that. It is hard to regain reputation when you are caught copy and pasting.

Your comment is not really related to my post.


hi done.i like your posts.your posts are very interesting.done i have'nt too many friends i am new here.can you please upvote me??