AMA Session With 3Speak Founders Hosted By @Andrarchy!

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Hello Everyone,

Please get ready for a power packed "Ask Me Anything" session hosted by @andrarchy, Head of communications and advocacy at Steemit Inc. with @theycallmedan, @starkerz and @anarcotech, the co-founders of @threespeak.

It will be done via live-stream on 6th July, Saturday starting from 1400 EST only at We request you to join the stream and ask any questions about THREESPEAK, its relevance on STEEM Blockchain and how it will shape up in future.

The plan is to get threespeak team answering a few questions from @andrarchy at the start of the stream and then we will move on to the questions directly taken from the comment section coming during the session. Please Resteem this blog so that it can reach more and more people.

NOTE: Please check this space for any changes in schedule. We will update the live-stream link on the blog and 3 Speak discord channel on Saturday once we go live. Anyone and everyone is welcome to get the best of this live session.

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3Speak is an online video sharing platform and a home of free speech. It was founded with the aim of helping demonetized/deplatformed content creators, blockchain influencers and social media censorship victims to have a voice and monetization opportunity powered by STEEM Blockchain.

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When Founders of a project/DApp does AMA I get excited

I’m glad to see 3Speak is putting deplatformed and demonitized users first

Dlive put PewDiePie first
3Speak putting people first


Thank you so much Nathan for your unending support. Steem is all about helping each other. This is what you and we are trying to do with our own little initiatives which can probably change the world in future. It would be an honor to see you at the livestream. You are most welcome!


I’ve mark down the time

I’ll be participating in the liveStreaming :)

Thanks for this update, I will definitely stay tune and get my questions ready. I will also invite some colleagues @ayopeju @ayojewels

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This is a good opportunity to learn more about this project. I'll be there.

I hope I ma around at that time as this is something that I would love to hear and get involved in the conversation. 3speak are doing so many things right that it's refreshing to see and it would be great to have a chance to get info out of andrarchy.


Before the livestream, we will push reminders on Oracle-D and ThreeSpeak's Discord Channels. So please stay tuned!

It will certainly be an engaging and a learning moment with this trip interviewing Andrarchy.

Friends: @evegrace @prettyglo @you34 @imaluv54 @tomler stay tuned.

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I've resteemed this. I have been pretty excited so far about the potential 3speak has. It is going to be a great open tool for those influencers. I am going to put it on my calendar to try and make this.

Great update. Thanks 3speak team.
I saw the post payout was calculated with @likwid, is it default and why did you guys choose to reward content creators with liquid rewards?

Wow!, what Awesome!
I can't wait for this great occasion!
Coming 6th July!
It is really going to be fantastic!
As we meet our Legendary, @theycallmedan,
@starkerz, @anarcotech in 3Speak!
Let us celebrate with joy, friends and cheer up,
for this titillating and great day!

Whoa! It's definitely gonna be some fun. Come check this out @agbona, @yandot, @einstei1, @blind-spot.

This is another awesome initiative on Steem blockchain! Can't wait.

@adesojisouljay @captain-tom @dapomola @easymade check this out

Those guys are doing great work

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Now that's what i called a good bews and information about new project is going on with the Steem. Lets see some good talk on this with 3speak team. 👍

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Congratulations @oracle-d!
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Resteemed this article :D

Whoever does Your Artwork Does Such a Dope Job! See You in a few :)


@podanrj, is a legend!

Really nice project. I love that kind of way to communicate with the community.

I hope i can find some time to watch:)

Surely very interesting topics will come in this meeting of titans. Good vibes.

That's really good to hear but what i am waiting for is the opening of joining foe people like me as well let's see when i can it....

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@oracle-d, @andrarchy, @theycallmedan, @anarcotech and @starkerz I am really excited for this Live Stream and definitely hope that some boosting points and ingredients will be consumed by the Audience which will add value to the future path.

Have a healthy and peaceful time ahead and stay blessed.

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It will absolutely be a connecting with and a learning minute with this outing talking with Andrarchy.

5 friends- @khaimi @afrinsultana @ayasha @ripon77 @tanjibb

This is a decent chance to become familiar with this venture.
tag- @anttn @zanoni @cummins @rdxhuda @ale6grande

i registered on 3 speak past weeks but now i can't log in using my steemconnect

This is certainly going to be great, I won't miss out on this one. @you34 @imadear54 @evegrace come and see oh

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Such a great work done by you people happy to see this great initiative taken by this platform. So excited for this live session. Do check it out @ sumit @ Monika @ dk003 @ Joe parys @ Alok Kumar.

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Would be interesting to know what threespeak is all about. @gentleshaid, @oluwabori, ugonnma

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@remind-me on 6th July 17:55

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Hey @adasq, I will notify you on July 6th 2019, 5:55:00 pm (UTC)
Later! ( read more... )


Hi @adasq!
You asked me in this comment to create a reminder.
It seems the time has passed!

Another perfect news from you. Thank you for your support to steemians

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6th July has been bookmarked. Won't missed this AMA live stream.

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Interesting, this opportunity and initiative, more innovaciones like this steemit, will be more solid.

LOL! Tags like "anything" & "me" makes me laugh. Do these really work for you?

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Just wanted to know How to do i host my content on 3speak. Loads of content waiting. Any help will be really appreciated.

thats great .. and i am waiting for this. maye be we learn something and ask our qsn ...

Good initiative I have some questions that I want to do. I'm waiting for the day. Would be very good for me Thank you :-)

It's definitely going to be a thrilling encounter as well, I hope people will join in to get the needed answers they want, the time frame in West African time should be?