Lock down is an essential evil but, convert it to an opportunity to make yourself skillful.

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Hi friends!

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Corona virus outbreak has forced us to stop our outdoor activities and make us stay inside home. Government has imposed lockdown so it is not possible to go outside for regular work. Only the personnel engaged in essential services are allowed to go outside. We have become used to our life. We don't like the way it has been changed. We like to go outside, have fun with friends and family, eat out at restaurants and do lots of stuffs but, now all these have become the stories of the past.

Children as well as adults are getting bore because of staying inside. But, some people are enjoying it as well. Some people have become more creative. They are making funny videos, creating paintings, art pieces, trying their expertise in cooking, sewing, dancing, exercising etc. We all can make use of this spare time. We should not become the slave of lethargy and hopelessness. We have been given an opportunity which we can use to maximize and enhancing our skills.

Positive thinking and creativity can help us a lot. Please take care of yourself and stay inside as much as possible.

Love from @erica.

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