Quarantine Memes & CoViD-19 Resources

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I guess that's what happens when you get much more free time than you need.

Tough times, dear reader, and we all have to do what it takes to help each other out and take care of our people. Stay healthy and optimistic, and things will soon turn for the better.

In the meanwhile, I think we can look for ways to laugh it all out, and memes are certainly quite useful in times like this.

It goes without saying that I made those memes with the intention of making people laugh, so I honestly apologize if you if you find those memes offensive.

Take good care, and look for ways to spend your time in a productive manner.






Let's hope for a better future.

The coming weeks are very crucial and we should collectively agree to take measures and protect ourselves and our loved ones. If possible, stay at home and help the world slow the spread of CoViD-19.

Here's a quite useful guide with valuable information.



So, how are you spending your time at home these days?

Would be nice to hear some suggestions. I'm arguably spending a lot more time on social media these days.

I also have plenty of time to play some online poker. Maybe I will share a few posts about my sessions.

I made those memes on imgflip.com.
Screenshots taken from health.gov.au
I appreciate your attention.
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We've been to the mountain yesterday....
had to choose path carefully and careless in the same time :D