India Goes Into a 21 Day Lockdown To Flatten The Curve . 21 Day Challenge To Change Ourselves DAY 01


India Goes Into A 21 Day Lockdown To Flatten The Curve.


Let us look at it as a 21 day challenge to change ourselves:)

It is said a habit can be formed in 21 days.

A great opportunity for many of us to form new habits.

What is the one new habit you would like to form?

Day 1 begins today.

It is simple just go &

Do One Thing Surely (DOTS)

You can start with even 5 minutes. Lets say you want to exercise just jog on the spot for 5 minutes.

If you want to become a writer just start writing.

If you want to do your financial planning just open an excel sheet & start with it.

If you want to start you own youtube channel start today.

You could also start with putting down your dreams on paper. Pick one & start working on it.

Moving from Thinking to Doing is the key.

Action is what forms habits.

Are you up for the challenge?

What is the habit you want to form?

What are you planning to do today?

P.S: We cant change the world but at least we can change ourselves.

Day 1 of Lockdown in our society in gurgaon, India.

I went to buy milk saw a queue with people maintaining social distance. It was interesting to see all the younger people understood it, but the older people kept coming too close for comfort.

Which made me think.

Is it tougher for older people to change?

Have we become programmed for comfort?

All domestic helps have been stopped.

I saw men helping out in the daily chores, which is rare to see specially in North India.

Some folks mentioned they have started using disposable plates on our social media groups.

We had a neighbour reaching out for an ipod charger. I would have never imagined this would have ever happened. Neighbours dont speak to each other where we live, & ipods are outdated:) Luckily we had one!

It was sterilised before & after giving it.

There has been a lot of debate on whether people should be allowed to walk in our community in the evening. The jury is still out.

Most folks with families stayed indoors. People could be seen in their balconies. Birds of different kinds continued to visit our park. The sounds of their chirps took me to the forests & mountains.

Office Work for us has dropped to 50% of a normal day.

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