How to start mining Loki? Pool Mining

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Loki is a privacy network which will allow users to transact and communicate privately and anonymously over the internet. Users will be able to build applications on the #Loki platform, including messaging services, online marketplaces and social media platforms. These services will incorporate privacy and data security by default, features which are often at risk on traditional online platforms.

#Loki maintains the belief that privacy is human right and aims to empower all individuals to control their digital information by creating privacy tools which can be used by anyone.

Why Loki?

Privacy Tools

Loki has a range of uses besides private transactions, which include untraceable internet browsing, anonymous communications and instant transaction confirmations.

Private Applications

Host a suite of private hidden web applications (SNApps) on #Lokinet.

An Iincentivised network

A hybrid proof-of-work / #proof-of-service system offers a unique way to financially incentivise the operation of full nodes. This means a faster, more private and attack resistant network.

Service Nodes

Service Nodes do the heavy lifting on the Loki network and get a significant financial reward for their efforts. With #Service Nodes you can host services, run #SNApps, and browse the Lokinet. Get paid to make the internet a more private place.


#Lokinet is a unique, blockchain enforced and incentivized mixnet, where you can browse the internet anonymously visit and host private websites all without exposing your identity or IP address.

SNApps (Service Node Applications)

SNApps allow you to host hidden private web applications inside of #Lokinet. With #SNApps you can build censorship resistant social media platforms, news sites, marketplaces and other communities. The possibilities are endless.

Loki Messenger

Loki #Messenger is a #decentralised private messaging application for all platforms. Have peace of mind with anonymity and an unstoppable messaging app.

Coin Info

Block Time (Difficulty target): 120 seconds
Hashing Algorithm: #RandomXL
Block Size: Dynamic
Block Rewards: 50% Miners, 45% Service Nodes and 5% Governance
Elliptical Curve: Curve25519
Premine: 15% premine (22.5 Million LOKI in which 6 to 7 Million locked up). First 100 blocks have been mined before the release out of which 15% premined in the first block.

Block Explorer:
Bitcoin Talk:

Now that we know the details about Loki, let’s get to mining some LOKI

Loki Mining: Those who have no idea about mining can easily start mining by watching this video.

Loki Mining Pool:

SRBminer-Multi v0.1.5+ (Windows, CPU)
Run guided_setup.bat file and answer questions:

Configuration name: loki-herominers
Enter the algorithm name you want to use: randomxl
Address and port of mining pool:
Is this a nicehash pool? n
Do you want to use your CPU for mining? y or n (optional)
How many CPU threads to use for mining? 0
Do you want to enable logging? n or y (optional)
Do you want detailed logging? n or y (optional)
Do you want to run miner in the background, without a window? n or y (optional)

XMRig v4.0.5+ (Windows, Linux, CPU)

Example start.cmd:

@echo off
xmrig.exe --donate-level 1 -o -u YOUR_WALLET_ADDRESS -p YOUR_WORKER_NAME -a rx/loki -k

XMRigCC v2.1.0+ (Windows, Linux, CPU)

Example start.cmd:

@echo off
xmrigDaemon.exe --donate-level 1 -o -u YOUR_WALLET_ADDRESS -p YOUR_WORKER_NAME -a rx/loki -k

Happy Mining.

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Lokinet is a unique, blockchain enforced and incentivized mixnet, where you can browse the internet anonymously visit and host private websites all without exposing your identity

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