Singed's adhesive not increase.... Eng/Ja(League of Legends Patch note 7.14)

4년 전

Hi everyone ε≡≡ヘ(`・ω・´)ノ

Today, patch note of 7.14 is released.
It's coming, Kayn!
But, I care about another thing.
It is Singed's W skill.
I think "grounding" is strong.
But if you raise skill level, mana will be nearly double, while CD will be only decrease by 25%.
Othe no changes.
This skill is a sad skill to raise the level(´・ω・`)


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Hey, in my oppinion you actually noticed a good point. But still i think that skilling the w is neccessary for singed, to just have these 4 secs lower cd in lategame. 17 secs for a Ability to come up is very long and a e.g. Lucian e-dash has a cd with like 5 secs.
That ability is the only way to not get kited that easyly. In my oppinion they shouldn't remove that strong 75% slow, that was actually good.
Or Riot could change that the duration the adhesive is on the group increase from level to level.
You got a good point there man, but i am very happy about these Singed buffs expecially for that new passiv.


You got my follow, if you are a singed main :^)


Thank you reply and follow!
Not main but I like him.
I always MS build (Not Strong (´・ω・`) )
I know grounding is very strong and more in lategame.
So I think 4 secs lower is important too.
But skilling is a little bored_(:3」∠)_
Now I played singed, new passive become fun and feel possibility!
I want you to play him!
NO, Don't play him!
Because he stresses me when he comes to face(´・ω・`)