My photo trip #3: Headlight exposure

4년 전

Out on one of my nightly photo sessions I set out trying to make a cars headlight draw a line across the photo, these are the two best shots from that night. Photo number two is actually a bus and the top line being the route information display over the windshield. I timed a car across the distance and set the exposure time a bit longer, since it was night and quiet outside I could hear the cars coming and start the exposure.

Camera: EOS350D
ISO: 400
Exposure time: 15 seconds
Aperture: f8 @ 55mm



Thanks for stopping by :)

(Photo: @richeros)

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These photos are amazing! Cool night photos!


Thank you very much! I really appreciate that coming from you. One of the biggest reasons I'm in here is to share and help others who show their hard work.

BTW, I need to power up a bit before i vote you back. Recently learned my votes gets less worth every time i vote... learning by doing.


Yes it's nice to be able to share the work we do and to get inspired and take part of others work. Do you now about Minnow Support Project with a network called PAL-network on Discord? This have helped me get to know a lot of great people. The purpose is mainly to socialise, make friends. There are also bots connected to Minnow Support Project that you can get votes from every 12 hours. You need to delegate some SP (might be like 10 SP) to minnow support before you can get the votes. The community is outstanding. And they run a radio channel as well MSP-waves with interesting shows about a lot of things. But maybe this is old news and I might even have seen you in the chat room, in that case forget about this :D

No problem with upvotes! It took me looong time to realise that my votes lost its value for every vote. You are a great follower and supporter with your nice comments!


Thanks for the help so far. I just joined the chat but didnt catch you before you went to bed. You have opened up what I feel is "next level". Talk soon 😀


Oh, that is nice:-) I hope you find yourself at home there :-) There is many great people. See you there!

Wow, you have done a super job with these photographs. I have always wanted to do more advanced photos. Keep it up!


Thank you! 😀


Thank you!

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