And if you lose some time, you will lose it all away. No one will be mine. I will not be anyone.


Abir went out. There is water again in the eyes of Hupathy.
A little thought came and said Abir?
Sleep does not respond.
I can see that after seeing his eyes something happened.

I think he comes near. Do not be sad to raise your hand to your sister.
You love me if you love me.
And if you do not love him, you can not try his best to get his love.
Look at where you go and see.
Sleep has gone out.
Abir can not be seen anywhere.
Open the gate and go out and keep an eye on the side of the road and there is no Abir.
Sutta calls Abir number ... where are you?
-It came to the market. Cook will be back before noon.
Come on too soon ...
Sousti came to the think and said that he will return to the market before noon.
Sleep came to sleep in the house.
Like Abir ... how much love he does not understand him anymore.
Sleep has fallen asleep. Abir came into the house ...
Sleep is sleeping.
Abir came and sat next to him. The cheeky face of Suhupari cheeks out.
I love madness very much But this love may only shout him.
Abir squeezed his hand on Suvadira's head.
The curtain of the chest was slightly moved. It's okay to leave it.
The sleep of Omni Hupathy was broken. Seeing Abir abdulanaananaata, leaving the hand.
Saptai look surprising! Abir lowered his head ...
-What happened? If you tell me, I can give you my body so that you can suppress me.
What do you need to do to come to sleep quietly? (Smile laughs)
-No chance is not so. I fixed your spell.
-Oke Saheb came to bath after this.
Abir has a head like a criminal.
Sukti holds the hand and says ...
You do not know that, I know.
I love you so much So you get involved in the madness, do not pull in the chest.
I do not know this right. Nevertheless, you do this by thinking of yourself very much.
Abir looked at Sudhmana. Seeing his eyes again and water
-It's a baby ... Do you have a shower or a shower?
Some said that the water came out.
By this Abir dragged Suupathi into chest.
The head and back poured on the head.
That's crazy ... I know you love me crazy. But before 10th day you can not tell me.
So in your madness, love does not mix yourself in love.
Let me tell you 10 days before.

  • Right now. But keep me in such a way.

If you put your head in your chest, I think I am on my chest of love.
It seems that there are people and people in this way.
Abir Supirthi presses the head with the chest ...
What is it between you? (Come to mind)
Two or two people give up when they see the girl.
I think you smile when you say that.
Now two of them take a bath.
Abir goes to the bathroom to take bath.
Give a lungi and towel to the teller.
I think that Sudha is the person who earns her income by Abir.
The lounge of the bath in the bathroom stuck in the sleeping room!
What is the surprise of Abir?
Suryata goes forward to Abir. Holding the face of Abir with two hands.
With a kiss on the forehead pulls a flick with a chest.
-I love you Abir brother I will not live without you
Why do you avoid me? Tell me ...
Sultana cried, crying out loud
Abir could not resist the first eye ...
Two-sided water flutters in two-eyes
Sukti is very closely related to the chest.
Tootnata raises a kiss of love and gives it a kiss.
Say this madness does not make me so crazy.
I can not talk to you before 10th date.

But keep this in mind. If somebody is my wife, someone who loves you
And if you lose some time, you will lose it all away. No one will be mine. I will not be anyone.
But give me time till 10th. Before that you can not answer any questions.
-Well ... I do not know what will happen on 10th. What are you waiting for the 10th day ...
But keep this in mind ... If you do not love it, if you do not have any other person or anything else then this crazy will not live.
Abir again lifted a whistle on the forehead and kissed him with a kiss and said ...
If anybody will be yours I will.

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