How long have they been quarreling, it is not right. Everybody in the Park is looking at us, and after a while, both said.


On the other hand, the movement behind two people is running. Someone behind me and I behind someone. But I do not think so. So I decided to call tomorrow the Borkali Wali all in college.
The next day, I went to college with a rose flower. Because, today I propose the girl.
After a while, I see that the girl is coming. So I went straight to Propose and sat ...

  • I Love You (I)
  • Excelsior
  • Why (I)
  • (silent)
  • Why do you say that?
  • (silent)
  • Do not play. It would have been said in the mouth. There was no need for me.
    I did not class anymore. Aslam came home. And I thought ...
  • I did not want to talk or talk in the mouth. There was no need for Mara. Until now my parents did not touch me. And the girl raised her hand.
    Of course, it is my fault that I do not love me. There is no need to turn around him. And I will not go behind this girl.
    I am sitting in the bed at the time of seeing the companion's phone.
  • How are you (partner)
  • You are going. You (I)
  • What are you doing?
    I'm on the go
  • Do not come to Ephesus today (partner)
  • I do not like today (I)
  • Wow.
  • Oh. Well, you have a pickup day.
  • Who are you?
    So, I'll see you.
  • Can not be offered. One can see it directly.
  • How can I see them?
  • I'll be there for you.
    --Kihah, you are in Asaba Rangpur. (My home in Rangpur)
  • Hmm
    But what do you do here?
  • First time to hear. Rangpur my grandfather's house. And I was born in Rangpur, I understand.
  • I got it.
    There were many other things that night.
    I went to college after breakfast and went to college after breakfast. But today I will only avoid the burqa Wali. And I will not go back or say anything.
    Aslam in college, I see that girl is coming before today. I do not see it on the other side
    I went straight to class.
    Then came home after class.
    On this side, Burqali Wali thought that the boy would not have been killed on that day. But he just propose me. It is not much.
    I left for a few more months. Now I do not talk to the burqa Wali.
    Yes, but the girl tried to talk to me. I did not hear it.
    But at the same time I have loved the partner a little too. Because, the rules of the girl are very good for me.
    I'm lying on the night while the partner's phone
  • Will say something (I)
  • Hmm. I'm calling for a sweater (companion)
  • What do you say?
  • I'm coming to you tomorrow tomorrow.
    --Right (very happy)
  • Oh father is true.
  • So, when will we meet?
  • Ummm. Meet the girl.
  • Okay, you're in that park. (Name of a park)
  • All right.
  • Hmm. Come on. Come see me tomorrow.
    There was a little more talk. Then I went to sleep. But today it seems that sleep will not come. Because, I am happy today. I have spent some time in the night.
    I went to college in the morning. I went straight to the class and went to class. At that time the burqa Wali came and told me ....
  • I have some sayings with you (burqa wali)
  • (silent)
  • What are you talking about (Burqali Wali)
  • I have no words.
  • For that day
  • All right.
  • I'm sorry you
  • I'm sorry.
  • I got you in the house
    I could not say anything. What she wanted to say was that she came to Sir class before her.
    At the end of the class, I will come home. Then tell me Rana ....
  • You are very lucky ray (Rana)
  • what's the matter (i)
  • The girl does not talk to anyone. The girl talked to you.
  • What is it?
  • Nothing. But the girl said to you, why?
    Then I told him all open.
    It was noon to come home.
    So I gave the phone to the companion.
  • You are now (I)
  • Where are I now (partner)
  • Just want to know. Where are you now?
  • I am now in Rangpur.
  • true.
  • Oh, really.
  • So, it's been seen in the afternoon.
  • Yes, yes, you are seeing in the afternoon.
  • Hmm.
    Then eat a little rest and eat it.
    I went to the afternoon to meet a friend in the park.
    I went to the park to call the partner.
  • If you (I)
  • When I'm sitting in the park. Where are you?
  • I'm in the park. Well you're on the park side.
  • I'm next to the pond. And I'm wearing a blue color dress.
  • I'm coming.
    I went to that place, but I was surprised to be there.
    Because, the Burqa Wali is sitting with the companion.
    I went in front of them, thinking nothing. I saw the burqa wali when I saw them ....
    You're here (burqa wali)
  • It's me too you're here (I)
  • Oh, I'm coming with my partner to meet her boyfriend.
  • Is that a partner?
  • Hmm.
    So I told my companion ....
  • Mom (I) can recognize us
  • No. Who are you
  • The person you are coming to meet. I am that person.
  • Can not it be (burqa Wali)
  • Can not be (I)
  • Because, you love me (burqa wali)
  • I used to laugh, but you did not love me from the stomach (I)
  • But I love you now (burqa Wali)
    (Here the partner was listening to us only and was looking at me in the fire. Then he told me ....
  • What were you proposing him (pal)
  • (I did not have to do anything else. So I told them both of them openly. But they both started to quarrel
  • Zahid loves me (companion)
  • I love you (Burqa Wali)
  • Not me
  • Not me
    How long have they been quarreling, it is not right. Everybody in the Park is looking at us, and after a while, both said.
  • Jahid, tell me who you love (burqa Wali)
  • Tell me who you love (colleague)
  • (This time I went to Chipa. One door chip. Do not say it at the door chip. It will be wrong. I have been in the pants chip. I do not know what the pants are chipa. Then come, explain what is the pants chipa.
    If ever someone pays
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