In the office to do the work, everyone will have to eat a little later. At that time the fence was played.


I do not have any food in the table. Everyone at home has eaten, and they are burning me like this. Well done for me, Tiffin did not prepare for lunch.
Now, during this period, when will I go back to Tiffinha or when I will.
Seeing that, I called Mom ...
= Where are you mother Oma?

  • Did the robber do the house?
    = Where's my food? Where's Tiffin?
  • Where do you mean? There is a kitchen food where the food is eaten from there. If you want to take Tiffin?
    = What does this mean mother?

What does that mean?
= How many bogies are seen now? And now I will eat myself when and when will I take Tiffin?

  • What do I do?
    = What do you mean if the food is ready for food.
  • Is not it my job? I went to I have many more jobs.
    = Oh Allah, you have put me in this trouble.
  • Get married to get rid of this danger. Then you will not have to face such problems.
    I've called you wrong. I'm sorry, okay.
    (I used to say a little rage, I did not eat the house, for the purpose of office)
  • Hear this, which, which Roni eat?
    = Do not eat

That's why I left the house and came out. Looking at the clock, I saw a lot.
So, biking quickly and biking to the office. I went to the office and got a lot of food, so I came out to eat a little.
I went home after the office, but the condition of the house is the same as before. It seems to me that there is a strong movement that does not end.
All of the people in the house get me down from the bachelor's throne, and want to end my bachelor.
But I will not allow it to be so easy. So I have to be a little tough.
Then I went to sleep at night. Again the same day again that same condition again that same state again.
I know that it will happen and I went to the office without tension.
In the office to do the work, everyone will have to eat a little later. At that time the fence was played.
The phone was kept on top of the Drex, so who saw me?
The number seems to be known, but it can not be noticed which number it is ..
So, the phone did not take anything else to receive it, it came from the side of the phone .....
Assalamu Alaikum
= Alaikum Assalam.
How are you?
= Alhamdulillah is good. how are you?
(After listening to this, I realized that it was called Moon. What the girl did for the girl again knows better.
Alhamdulillah I am also good. taken launch?
= No Did you?
No. what are you doing now?
= I'm sitting in the office. Own?
I got out of court and got rickshaw.
Oh well
When do you have lunch?

= A little later. You?
Go home and become france then.
= Do you think about it at noon or madam?
Yes, it's definitely there.
= Why did he call it?
Q. Can not anyone call anyone without any reason?
= Hai Jiao
Why did you say that?
= Do not mean you are busy people?
Who said I'm busy?
= Nobody saidThen?

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