Seeing me drooping inside, Mom's mother stood up from the chair.


Do not need permission. (Mim)

Dukalam inside.
I looked at Mim.
He is lying in the hospital bed, he

: -What is standing, why sit? (Mim)

Taking a chair and sitting beside the bed.

: -Would you feel? (I)

: -Val (Mim)

: -Have a drink?

: -If you do not know it, you will run.

: -Whah

Some times silence.

: -Dearbird paper is ready? (Mim)

I looked at Mim for a while.

: -The work is going on. (I)

: -Oh,

Well, Debbors can solve everything.


-Whah. Well, I'm here now.

: - No one has kept you.

I did not say anything, I left the room and left the office.
She has always been talking to me in such a way.
Tell me why bina?
He is married to me with all that.
Let's reach out to the office, instead of reaching out, I give you my identity.
I am Raju. I work in a position.
There is no other than Mime than you.
I have been married to him for almost three months. Right now, there is still no connection between husband and wife between me and Meem. Barong Mim asked Debour to me.
Tell us something about Mim.
Mim was the only child of his parents.
Before marrying Meem, Meem got married to a son named Rakib. In the meantime, there was love for Meem three years ago.
But unfortunately, after one week of their marriage, Rakib became very ill, and became unconscious.
When Rakib started taking a doctor early, the doctor carried out a report by examining various types of Rakib examination.
Rakib's brain tumor was detected in the report. At that time, Rakib's brain tumor reached the extreme stage. As a result, Rakib had no medical condition.
Because of that, Rakib dies at the head of his marriage for one month.
Then Mim was mentally big hit.
Maim has been in hospital for several months.
Today morning, Mim got down on the stairs and lost control and hit her head on the stairs. That is why her parents admitted her to hospital.
Later, call me Meem's mother, my mother-in-law informed me about the phone by phone. So I went to the hospital to meet Mime.
However, I went to the office to talk to you.

In the meantime, when I was leaving my office, I did not go to the house and left for the hospital.
When I reached the hospital, I went in front of the cabin in the mim that was in the cabin.
See, my mother-in-law is sitting beside mother Mim.
I was standing in the dive outside.

: -You are here?

After seeing such a question, I looked back. Look, Mom's father was standing.

: -Asale office has been discharged. So I thought I would go home to see Mim.

: -Why? Why do not you go here inside? Let's go inside.

He pulled me by his hand and took me inside.
Seeing me drooping inside, Mom's mother stood up from the chair.

: -Baby, boss. (Mother-in-law)

: -No, okay. (I)

: -Come, you speak. We're coming.
That's what Miche's parents got out of the room.

: -Bun. (Mim)

: -Hom. (I)

A little silence.

: - I did not, even if I married forcing myself, I would not accept anyone as husband. (Mim)

: -Did you get married after marriage? (I)

: -On time. There was Rakib all over my life, Rakibi would be there. None other than me can stay in my life.



After some time silence.

Well, why did you marry me knowing all about me? (Mim)

From a little silent,

: - Listen to a story. (I)

: - Fiction? (Mim)


  • Listen, listen.

: -So listen,

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