Six years later, Samim's brother has been born. Samim's carbon coffee will make a lot of 5 years of age. Ravi has also married her


Dear Dad, I have done a lot of crime today without your permission, I know how hard it will be because your children go to one world and one world is going down. I have been in depression for a long time and I could not make any decision. I was unable to sleep today so I was forced to take this bad decision. Please do not forget to leave me and will not cry anymore. I will come back, but I do not know when I will come back and yes please, I will not find anyone. I have taken 50000 taka from the first cupboard of life today. No Be well, and do the dual for me.
I will tell you to pray for me and keep watch over everyone. I want to come to see my cousin or not.
I have a letter for jeep and one thing is to say it with jipa so that everyone is in front of me.

Everyone started crying after reading the letter. Abu did not want to stop crying, why Samim did so great work.
Then everyone came together with the letter and the house. All of them saw this morning together. All of the house was surprised. Then he called everyone in the house and said, 'Let's read the letter in Zipar.' Read and read, and yes for which there is so much problem, he is no longer leaving home tonight. Has gone. Hopefully no other problems will happen to you. Neither do you read or write. Everyone is surprised that anyone who wants to believe, then believe in the first one.
The letter is leaving the eyes with a zipa hand. I do not cry, do not cry, do read in the letter read quickly and read it.
Then began to read.

Why do not you cry now? You do not know that you do not cry at all. I do not have any joy in getting lost in some places. I can not get angry because of losing some places. I will not be angry with tattoo and gluttony. Maybe you can not dream of looking at me. I can not even dream myself. I do not want to marry myself. I have eaten a wedding and used to eat fried rice, so I left the house. After going to bed, I went to say something which you do not know. Do not everyone have two families with gentle daddy, if they do not, then everybody comes and keep your gentle father in front.

Now say that you have your father's reaction. You know what is true or false and then the rest of the room.

As soon as I heard it, the sky fell on the heads of all.

  • Is that true? (Zipa)
  • Anchup
  • No, I did not say that. If someone else is married, then we can say good things. After talking to others, the rest began to read.
  • Your father killed a murderer in the street, without any crime. The man was your father's father.
    Now everyone has been more burnt. How is it so bad.
    Before reading it, it can be difficult to tell Puffo to become stronger. He has written all the property in the name of his mother-in-law.
    What is heard is that everyone is dreaming very bad but it is not true that dreams.
  • You have an honest brother named Rakib.
    All of the more people who heard about the son's voice
  • Your father USA knows what you are doing. Did you know what jobs?
    I do not know who really did the job and did not tell anybody.
  • Your father trafficked children and children. So much so much has been so rich in time. Now your father will say that they will kill everyone if they speak outside.
  • He is just saying that if we know anyone outside, we will kill him. (FIFA)
  • That's how I know something, everyone thinks so. Then I say that my mother orphan has not seen so many homes. But my best friend is not orphan. I read the two-week-long read in the clutter. I went to my friend's house to visit my friend's house. After the environment of the village, I used to spend such a whole day running around this place. One day, like a puff, I saw a girl and a baby boy. They followed him into a house. Then after hearing all the stories of trafficking their women and children, I listened. Suddenly I was surprised to see me and killed me and said that if I say Kao, then my family will kill all of us. I did not say anything because I was short. But I would have kept all the news as a little older. But I did not say to Kao, I did not say that Bat was smuggling my girlfriend so I said angry.
    If you love me, I will take a gift at your wedding. Yes, there is a red sari under the pillow in my room. On the wedding day, please fill it. It will look nice. Good. Your bride is more loved than me. And yes, do not worry about me, pray for me. Everyone will be good. When will I meet again and see if I can get everyone together?

After leaving Samim, two families lost their smiles. Anyone else smile like before. No one can judge and can not even blame anyone. They do not even go to fake them.

Six years later, Samim's brother has been born. Samim's carbon coffee will make a lot of 5 years of age.
Ravi has also married her. She has not only got Samim Butt in her house. But there is no news to come. Today also, Abu mamu tears down for tears, for the boy. Even if it is possible to find Rose, it is possible. Please do not come in the way. I do not know how far away I am alone. However,

we will go to the movies to walk together. Today, brother will go to the bikes today to get in the car. I'll miss it. I'll miss it. Ray. This is how long the sticks have stuck. But how many days do not move. The grandmother can not move around like before. If the harasses are so ruthless, After leaving, Robi came to the house of two, Butt did not come to Rob's to forget the pain of Samim, that's why Samima is thinking that grandmother will come very soon. Robi's son was to receive the samimake and janenarabi sweetie sweetie still do not know his butt.

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