Tell me to wait, he called the job to BUY, quickly made copies of two copies from the mother


You are busy, so do not you? Never ever talk to a client, to talk about books?

Do you please shut your mouth now?
= Hmmm.
Can you meet today afternoon?
= Why?
That's something you have to say about your case.
= Why is any problem?
Hey there is nothing like that. Will you come
= OK.
Come to my house. And a little sooner will come.
= I'll come.
Go to eat him soon.
= I'm going.
Come on soon. Bye
= Bye
That's why the phone cut off. Then everyone is going to eat and see.
So I went to eat without delay.
I have come to eat and eat, what does the lawyer mean, that the phone asked to go to his house in the afternoon?
So there was a problem with Sihab bail.
No, it will not be, and he said nothing. Then why did he call me?
And his house and his chamber are the only one.
I did not think these things anymore. Then I did not know when the afternoon went to work in the office.
At the end of the afternoon, we went to Munn's house.
I left the bike in front of their house and saw the doors of the house open.
So we went inside and found that his chamber was open but the door was lightened.
So I knocked on the door .....
= Come, Madam.
Hey do you have permission to do this ?? Come on came in.
= Hmm.
Why are you sitting?
= I am sitting. Well, what did you call me madam?
Tell me something.
= HUM said.
I was a teacher in your school, college or university that you call me madam madam?
= None.
So why do ??? Am i big
= No
= Anyway? And you are younger than me, are you bigger than me?
Listen to this I did not want to hear from you their disciplines. Call me sabai mun, you call me mune okay? Do not you like this madam fadm?
= Why the court says you all are madam. Again, one of your clients is actually called madam. And I said what is that?
See this madam dacoity not to hear from everyone? Some people do not like listening to this call. Like Father Mom, if some of you have heard this madam call on their face, then how do you feel in discomfort?
= So

I do not have any of you?

Do not say that from now on.
= OK. Here's what happened to our case.
(Tell me to wait, he called the job to BUY, quickly made copies of two copies from the mother)
= These copies of copies are not needed. Why are you unemployed?
You are silent
= OK.

(A little later the work was done in two mug copies

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