Then Eman slowly tried to forget Tisa. But she loves Tisa very much in mind. And Tisa has many careers


This is a real life story. So it is not possible to finish one lesson. If you do not complete the story, you will complete the story. If I am wrong then I will forgive you.
Now come to the story.
The boy's name was Imu (Emon) and the girl's name is Tisu (Tisa). At that time, they used to call two two people by this name. The story starts with class 4. It will be astonishing to hear that people would be surprised at Class 4 and love at this age. Actually I still do not know whether it was love or passion. Whatever the story says. She had 1 roll and boy 2 (it really is). So they used to sit in the 1st year (separate). They would have squatted their eyes. It was going well and everything was going well. After the second half year of Class 4 examinations, one day Joni, Minhaj, Nishi, and Tisa were presenting the story of the story. Suddenly, I would like to know who is Minhaj who likes me. And Minhaj and say that he likes Simi. After this, Emon wants to know who I am like. (Many people like Emon because of two rolls. Who knew Tisa well ... so they plan to know who they want to know.) But I do not want to say that Tisa is next to me. But when Tisa tells me what Emon likes, Emon says that she is someone else. After getting it, Trishya did not say anything. Because he knew that Eman would say that. After that everyone knew that I am Tisshe who received it. This was the way some days passed. Now, like now, Eman did not talk like that before.
EK EmOn KiNg
Love story
Episode 2
This was the way some more days. Tisha did not talk to Emon like before. This gets a lot of cost because if people of love stop talking suddenly, then the cost powa tie is normal. So Emon does not go to school for some days. After 7 days, Emon can go to school and Tisha's body is bad. Emon got so much trouble. He thinks he is responsible for this, so he wants to meet Rishta but how he could not understand. That is why she is the daughter of Bratishi Nati who should bring her to school at the school. Who is the thief, who is forbidden, and is willing to be angry because he does not see Eman for many days. Then, in the afternoon, (this time Imon thought it was a few years ago) Emon saw Tisa Nisi Tania coming in front of him. Then, after coming to Emon, she talked to Tarias how is she?
Trisha: I'm good. Are you (You used to call me Emraan, Eman Teessa)
Emon: I'm fine. Did you know that you are sick ??
Gray: Hmm. Many have come.
Emon: Have you been conscientious?
Gray: Hmm.
(Then they went to their house by talking further.)
The next day
Emon saw Trisha school at school. Emon is very happy to see this. This was the way some more days.
Suddenly, a son named Alif, named Tilsa, told Tasya that he would get the grass. (Alif was the grandson of his school's Medam), he became very angry with thirst and he told his mother to all. It is astonishing to hear that Mother Teresa is so young that she is so young. So he goes to Alif's coaching and talks to Sir. It gave Sir Alif some fools. In this rage, Alif Tressa tells Mamu that Emon and Tressa love each other. It is true that what is said by Trisha is true. She is afraid and she does not think anything at all, her mother says.

Then "" "" "" "
(I can not make the story big because of the busyness, it is very sad for it, and it is not a story or a real life story.
Some say so little why the answer is that I am not getting time to write. But the story will get all the full)
I will give you the 3rd episode
Love story
part 3

Ek Emon King (Emu)

After that, Teresa's mother came to their school and told Madam all the talk. Medam said that he was so surprised to hear that he laughed very much and told Rama's mother to be in this age.
But Tisa Rama says that she will talk to Eman before. Then think about what to do.
Imam was sent to call.
I knew beforehand that something would happen, so he did not even fear that Madame entered the room.
Then Madam said to Emon what the truth is what I heard. He said and said that he likes Tisa. Tisara gave a ........... rum in his anger to Emma,
Then he made some comments about Emon. Then Emon says that this is not right at this age. He should be educated in the mind. In other ways, Eman is understood. And he also said that at the right time, he would give Emon a chance. It is a bit embarrassing to hear this and he says he will not do all of this.

Then Eman slowly tried to forget Tisa. But she loves Tisa very much in mind. And Tisa has many careers. But Emon did not talk properly with Tisa. Tisa Emon could not accept this change. When Emon talked to him, Emon would have escaped him. Thus, the cut was time.
Suddenly Emon, a girl named Jerin, said that she liked Emon. Eman is very surprised to hear this. And to tell Jerin, Tisa can not forget her. And she forgets who she is. It is surprising to know how Zerin can say that Emon likes him. (From then on till today, Tisa does not feel jealous of Girin). Then Tisa Zerin That's why Emon stayed away from it.

It is Emon who knows Tisa, why did she tell these things to Jerin.
Tisa said she had said so.
Then Emon did not raise the word because Tisa was very stubborn girl. (A daughter of a father)

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