A young woman is walking to wet the rain

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If I go to regular college, I am the real example of not being a good student! Although not good at study, I did not miss to go to college any day. Even on any official holiday I was present in the college premises! This does not mean that he went to college to collect notes from Sir's lecture or friends. I used to peek at the college campus once every day! So one day on Friday, I went to college. I went to the main gate of the college hanging lock. So, I did not go to college and took tea from a sidewalk shop beside college and left for home. The weather on that day was a very cloudy type. So, facing the disaster, I did not have to go a little bit in the house. That is why the rain came when the clouds do not want. Of course, I did not have to take a lot of speed. Because there was no sign of a book-book in my college bag, but an umbrella was always present. So, after getting the glimpse of the clouds, I raised the umbrella before the head. Then there was an opportunity to see a romantic scene on the umbrella without going to the front of a few steps! I saw a young woman walking in the rain to wet me in the rain. I do not have any doubt about the appearance of the girl in front of her, but she will be great beauty. Because of her red color, fatwa, head-dyed black hair, earrings, wrist bands, and rain wet bodies, her beauty was being estimated. Again, for the convenience of walking, the girl took her shoes off her hands and walked in front of her own brace. Which is not only beautiful in my eyes, it looks beautiful! Now, I decided to do that, though I must look at the girl's face once. So, by fasting, I quickly grabbed the girl's back. But the same! I did not know that girls could walk so lightly. (And what will be known or what? If there is no experience of following a girl like this in the past!) Then I started to understand, I stepped one step before leaving the girl behind me. Slow cut my legs repeatedly due to a quick walk on wet legs. As a result, I took my shoes off my feet like a girl without taking a look. Then we took the shoes after walking behind the girl in the baglattale. But alas ...! When I walked barefoot in the foot, it seemed to me that I could test the fire of Sita! That day my feet fell on the ground. Now you might think I'm a man of great arrogant type! For this reason, someday my legs did not fall on the ground before today, right? Actually, that's not the case. Since my childhood, I had a habit of wearing sandal. And that's why my legs have fallen on the life of sandal. That's why, I have never fallen before my feet!
However, my feet were red with heat on my palm leaves and my legs became red. It seems to me that soon the blisters will fall on the legs. By not being able to see the way, we got down from the floor of the armpit and fell on the legs. After that I started walking behind the girl. After about five minutes walk from the distance, I saw the girl entering the pavement shop on one side of the road. I thought that the body of the girl was wet in the rain ... it is cold, so it seems that she entered the shop to tea tea to make the body shiver. And so, without delay, I too went behind the girl behind the shop. But at this time I did not see the face, but only got the opportunity to see the back side of the girl. He's back to me talking to the shopkeeper. And at this point I am looking at this one for the girl to see what she is buying from the shop and she is waiting for her to look back at her when she walks around the shopkeeper. I was surprised when I saw the girl buy two benson cigarettes from the shopkeeper!
Anyway, I was comforted by the mind that 'modern girl, so 99% good just 1% worse'! And 1% worse than this, eating this cigarettes. It seems that today's girls eat cigarettes in order to equalize with boys. So, thinking of thinking of this, I saw that the girl had finished purchasing a cigarette from the shopkeeper and turned back towards me. After a long time, I finally got an opportunity to show his face! But the same! Seeing the appearance that I was dying! As much as the shock I used to hear about eating cigarettes, I feel like I was scared of high voltage.

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Thinking that the girl's appearance was quite horrible, did not she? Oh no, it's not something like that.
Has been ...
I have come so far that I have taken her for a long time, she is not actually a girl! I saw the look, this is actually a 20-22 year old fashionable young man !!!

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