2개월 전

You said you can't sleep at night,
I understood you were asking for time;

You said, "Look at the clouds in the sky."
I understand you're upset.

You said "hair is tangled";
I knew you wanted a touch.

You said you'd be on the porch this afternoon;
I understood you wanted to meet.

You said, my baddest fear in the dark;
I knew you wanted to hug me;

You said go to sea;
I realized you wanted to walk hand in hand as well.

You said blue is your favorite color,
I knew you were in trouble;

You said the lips were cracked,
I understood you wanted to kiss;

You said you don't like math,
I understood you love poetry;

You said "I have to get home early today",
You said you didn't like seeing this hottie, calling at the wrong time;
I understand, you want separation.

Then in unwritten signature when you filed a divorce case against me in the Invisible Court;
I understood you wanted release.

Then when I understand everything, I am a philosopher,
When you're done with another room show-piece,
One day we met then;

You asked, "How are you?"
I realized you weren't good.

Sir Humayun_Faridi ...

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