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God did not create opposite sex friendship to be complicated, He said it was good when He created it",

So God created human beings, making them to be like himself. He created them male and female(Genesis 1 : 27).

One question I kept asking God from my early teen was what His plan was for Friendship with the opposite sex? You will agree with me that friendship with the opposite sex is a friendship today that is kind of complicated and has been grossly abused. It is difficult today to build friendship with the opposite sex without there being a hidden motive. Can we not just be friends and enjoy friendship with the opposite sex? What is the problem with us in this generation, that we find it difricult to build Godly friendship with the opposite sex with no strings attached? We now build friendship based on our feelings not based on purpose and destiny,
I think this is the problem. A boy meets a charming beautiful girl and the next thing that comes to His mind is for the girl to be his girlfriend, he wants to possess her. This is as a result of a polluted and unrenewed mind, that is master minded by the devil through the mass media by making us believe that we are to act based on how we feel. As a Christian that seeks to please God with your life have you asked God what His will is opposite sex friendship? Instead of you going to abuse the friendship, don't be in a hurry, sit down and discover His will in that Friendship. Many have lost divine friendships because they have allowed their emotions to motion them in such friendship. I will not deny the truth that opposite sex friendship can be complicated, because of the chemistry we share...

"Complications in opposite sex friendship begins when there is no definition Purpose".

Friend, it does not matter the chemistry, God has an agenda in the friendship, He did not just create us to have only a marital relationship with the opposite sex (wife/husband), It is more than that.
Oh! See how the beauty and glory of opposite sex friendship that has been trampled by the devil to hinder us from the joy in this friendship made by God, God created opposite sex Friendship from the beginning and everything he created is Good. The origin of friendship began in the garden of Eden before the fall, God had an intimate friendship with man, so did Adam and Eve. Though this context is always used for marriage but we can see the importance of friendship to God that He did not allow man to live alone."Are you their friends on the basis of mutual interest or on the basis of your feelings for them? Walking based on feelings is the first step to complicate your opposite sex friendship". In the new testament let's look at our Lord Jesus Christ, the new Adam, he did not marry but developed healthy and holy friendship with opposite sex some of which are Mary Magdalene, Mary and Martha, sisters of Lazarus, etc. These are the ones noticed. You can share yours with me.

You must know that opposite friendship is beautiul if done with:

1. Definition of purpose: By this I mean you define your friendship, you must know why a person is your friend, what they are in your life for and what God wants you to do in their lives. You then stick to the purpose of the friendship. Don't choose friends because of how they make you feel or how you make them feel.

*Watch out for the second part.

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