Joker In love, in death, in abuse.


Savage, right?

Sometimes we don't know how big the pain behind a love is, consume or kill slowly!

Being in an abusive relationship, is not only that he or she hits you. It is not just that he or she attacks you, breaks your face, pulls you by the hair, or breaks some part of your body.

Abuse also happens by word of mouth. When he offends you, yells at you, insults you, or says hurtful things about your body, or when he offends a family member, when he talks badly about you with his friends, or family, when he leaves you aside when there is a problem . When he or she fights you, yells at you, or offends you, it not only breaks your heart, it breaks your confidence, it breaks your self-confidence, it breaks what once cost you so much to build.

Break how beautiful there is in you, that abusive relationship sows fear, hopelessness to make you happy again, sows insecurities. And even if you manage to get out of that abusive relationship, you have to go to therapy, return to work in yourself, and it is very difficult to trust someone again, it is difficult to love again, and even to speak.

Love is not that he hits you. Love is not that he yells at you. Love is not that he mistreats any of your children. Love is kind, it is empathy, it is support, it is beautiful, love is tolerant.

All the problems caused by a love that was not love, was a blackhole with possible problems that drag from childhood, bad experiences, problems at home when you were little. Many will be able to break that curse in their future marriages, and courtships???


Love should be lived, Love does not kill you or leave you beaten.

This photograph was in my final exhibition of photography II, in college, and I wanted to express how hard love can be when he says he loves you, but in reality he hits you and verbally mistreats you.

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