Chill the Fuck Out

11개월 전


Do yourself a favor, darling.
Drop the attachment to whatever your mind made so important to you.
Find your way to let it go.

The world is under no obligation to match your mind scenarios. What seems so important to you really isn't. The world has been taking its cause for much longer then you dare to imagine and it will continue to do so after you are long gone. And all the people in it are not here to be liked or to be approved by your mind either. Everyone and everything is just the way the are, whether You like it or not. You can dislike it, judge it, and stress about it as much as You can humanly endure OR You can just smarten up cosmically and LET IT GO.

You stressing yourself over things that do not depend on you is not serving anyone, not You, not people around You, and certainly - not the world. Do not fall into the trap of thinking that shouting how bad things are ever made them better.

Know this.
Every time You react, every time you show how displeased you are with what you are observing, every time you spit out the words of dissatisfaction and complain, your frequency drops. You rob yourself of a precious energy. A nice chunk of human energy, your energy, has been harvested (as discussed in a precious chapter) and went to feed exactly what you are so displeased about.
You being out of balance does not change anything, yet it alters your state of being.
It keeps your energy low and makes you feel helpless and dis-empowered.
The very same thing You are stressing about, bitching about, obsessing about remains the same (and it will continue to stay so) and you have less energy for you, for something constructive and great, for something useful and constructive.


Can you see how it works?
Your teaching yourself to stay centered and calm will not only do lots of good to your state of WELL-BEING, it will make you more fun to be around, and it will attract good stuff to you....
remember, You live in the world of ever interacting frequencies.

Keep your ENERGY, monitor your vibration, it is all the UNIVERSE expects from you.
In short, as some of your human fellows would put it - chill the fuck out.

~ Life From A Cosmic Point of View.

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